Trendy Gel Nail Designs, Ideas and Brands

trendy short gel nail designs and ideas

Trendy gel nail designs are every woman’s first love because of their long-lasting effect. But, it’s not just about the durability; it’s also about the look. You won’t be able to take your eyes away from nails painted with gel nail colors because they’re so cute. 

Gel clear nails are applied like regular polish, but they’re dried under an LED or UV light, which speeds up the drying time and gives you a longer-lasting manicure.

However, not all trendy gel nail designs are the same. If you decide to make the designs yourself, you won’t have to spend much money and time. There are different types of gel nail ideas available. 

So today, I have discussed trending gel nail ideas and top gel nail polish brands that save your time and money.

Trendy Gel Nail Designs, Ideas With Top Gel Nail Polish Brand

  1. Floral Pink Gel Nail Designs

I am a huge fan of floral pink trendy gel nail designs. Just try these stunning gel nail ideas. These trendy gel nail designs bring out your nail’s beauty if you have a healthy nail bed and a light skin tone. 

A shiny finish will add to the charm of this pattern, delivering your nails a seductive appearance. With a touch of floral designs and a coating of gold glitter, you’ve got yourself an attractive nail design that’ll look amazing at work, on a date, or at a party.

  • Recommend Nail Polish to Create This Design


This Essie Nail Polish is perfect for your pink floral gel nail designs because it’s available in different pink color shades. In addition, this nailpolish has perfect coverage and lasts longer. So buy today and create your favorite floral nail design. Pink nail color is famous for trendy short gel nail designs.

  1. Pink Ombre Trendy Short Gel Nail Designs

Here’s neutral gel nail ideas that are both simple and smart. This lovely nail art is perfect for all skin tones. Try this gorgeous pink trendy short gel nail design in various shades from light to dark. 

Though Trendy short gel nail designs look traditional, they seems timeless. This trendy short gel nail designs is excellent whether you’re at work or on a date. These trendy short gel nail designs also make a beautiful focus with its glossy finish, which improves the beauty of your nails.

  • Recommend Nail Polish to Create This Design

Essie Gel Couture 

This trendy and long-lasting gel nail polish is available in various shades. This beautiful nail paint is made from a vegan-free product that does not harm your nail. This nail polish is perfect for short nails and makes your nail design more elegant. 

Use different nail polish shades and make your favorite trendy short gel nail designs. You will definitely like the durability of this gel nail polish, and the pink shade is perfect for your date night and lunch.

  1. Glitter Gel Nail

Doesn’t this fantastic nail design looks amazing and beautiful? The bright colors and sparkles blend to make a perfect design for summer. And if you’re looking for something colorful, this is a great party nail design. 

With this lovely Patent Shine 10X™ Nail Lacquer, you can add some glitter to your look. It’s a beautiful rainbow of colors. Perfect for the summer’s bright sunny days.

  • Recommend Nail Polish to Create This Design

Patent Shine 10X™ Nail Lacquer

The Patent Shine 10XTM makes brighter, stronger, and healthier-looking nails. The soft brush gives the nail’s shape for a flawless touch, and the unique Shock Resistant Polymer Technology gives a gel-like cushion and shines with up to 10 days of wear. 

In addition, this glitter gel nail polish is made without parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, silicone, petroleum & phthalates.

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  1. Sunset Gel Nail Design

The burst of color on these nails reminds you of a lovely sunset. They’re perfect for every occasion, whether you’re at home or out. Use this Mischo Beauty- Nail Lacquer to create this sunset gel nail look.

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Mischo Beauty

This Nail Lacquer attracts everyone’s attention due to its bright shades and color. In addition, this nail paint is completely Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and gluten-free, and contains no artificial fragrances. Try this durable nail paint to make your nail high-shine.

  1. Gel Clear Nails

If you like simple nail design, then you love gel clear nails. Gel Clear Nails has become a popular trend in corporate culture. You can try these creative gel clear nails tips with any shade you choose with a clear dip manicure, but I love to create this ultra-chic black-and-white tip using Lakur Enhanced Color Nail Polish. Gel Clear Nails are suitable for every skin tone and function, whether you love staying at home or going out. 

  • Recommend Nail Polish to Create This Design

Londontown Lakur

Londontown Lakur takes color to a new level by combining bold shades with healing ingredients to create a long-lasting, high-shine gel. This highly-pigmented nail polish is made without formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, and ethyl tosylamide. This fantastic gel polish gives a different touch to your gel clear nail, so buy now to make your nail more attractive with different shades.


What are the most popular nail designs right now?

Almond and ballerina-shaped nails and shades like creamy blue, soft crimson, dark turquoise, bright pink, and sand are prominent nail trends for 2022.

What are the five most basic nail designs?

The five basic nail designs are square, oval, round, Almond, and stiletto.

Is it possible to create designs using gel nails?

Gel nail designs have become popular. There are a variety of nail designs to choose from, such as modest, simple designs that get classic elegance or modern, high-voltage colors and shapes.

Good Bye For Now 🙂

I hope these gel nail design ideas have inspired your next manicure, whether you want a chic and elegant look or want to try out more artistic designs.