10 Facts and Tips About Skin Care That Will Blow Your Mind


Everyone in this world is obsessed with their skin and hair, mostly. And, they can go to any extent and follow any routine to keep their skin younger and smoother even if they are aging. Some people use bizarre things on their faces like mud from the Dead Sea, rice water, or snail serum to nourish the skin cells well. Isn’t it surprising to hear that even the things mentioned above are used for skincare? Yes, they do, and these things do work as well. But, people also follow several skincare myths like using hot water to rinse to get better skin, which has no connection with skincare.

If you ever go through the internet regarding skincare, you will see many beauticians who have mentioned numerous tips and tricks to keep the skin glowing and healthy. But, still, there are several interesting facts about skin that you will be unaware of till now, as we will be discussing such amazing facts that will keep your mouth open. 

  1.  DIY Lemon Masks Are Good Source for Vitamin C for Skin:

Without any doubt, we can say that lemons are the best source of vitamin C. But, do you think using a DIY lemon mask can be an excellent choice for better skin? Then you’re mistaken, my friend, as you might be aware, that lemon juice or citrus fruits are rich in citric acid. And using a DIY lemon mask directly on the face will not be a better idea due to its acidic nature. The reason is that it’s acidic, and secondly, it can have some adverse effects on the skin, like getting dark spots after being exposed to the sun for a longer period. 

Hence, instead of using the DIY lemon mask directly, use a processed Vitamin C serum with the right concentration of Vitamin C and controlled pH. This will save you from getting any acne marks or dark spots on your skin. Take this as skincare tips or as advice to get reaction-free skin.

  1. Is It Okay To Feel Right after Cleansing the Skin? 

This has been a common issue for people whose skin gets tighter after cleaning their face or skin. This isn’t an issue but a common thing to experience after cleansing the skin. In a skincare routine, cleansing has always been crucial to keeping the skin wet and glowing. But, it is essential that the cleansing is done the way it is required to be. If we look for the reason behind the tightness, it can be the dryness that has been caused due to the harsh ingredients in the face wash. Hence, it is always advised to go with a mild face wash that will clean your face without removing essential natural oils from the skin. So, next time, don’t worry about the tight skin. Just jump on to any mild face wash. 

  1. Darker Skin Tones Don’t Require Sunscreen:

Why this discrimination that bright people require Sunscreen and dark people don’t? Don’t they have skin that is prone to skin cancer or any other skin issues? If we say the above statement is false or a myth, then it won’t be wrong. Sunburn is not visible on darker skin compared to brighter skin. But, the darker skins do experience sunburn, and they require Sunscreen to save themselves from the sun’s rays. Moreover, skin cancer and other skin problems can also be prevented by using Sunscreen while being exposed to the sun for a longer time. 

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  1. Sunscreen with Better SPF Rating Is Good:

You might have seen athletes or people using Sunscreen while on the field or beaches, respectively. But, do you know which Sunscreen they use or which Sunscreen will be better for you to use? To choose Sunscreen for your skin, you should be aware of some factors that make it effective against different skin damages. One of those factors is the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating of the Sunscreen. 

As per the beautician and dermatologists, any sunscreen with an SPF rating above 30 is good to use to protect the skin against UVA and UVB rays. But, at least one ounce of sunscreen should be used 15 minutes before exposure to the sun to stay protected for 2 hours. It should be reapplied after every 2 hours or after swimming or sweating. 

  1. Lesser Products Will Keep Skin Healthy:

Consider this one of the beauty tips for women that more products won’t make the skin healthy and glowing. Even limited and right products can get you the charming skin you desire. Sometimes using multiple products on the skin can cause adverse effects on your skin.


Moreover, it is also essential to know that it is not required to use a product excessively as it will not help you more. Using products in the right or advised quantity is always considered ideal. Hence, as said by the experts, less is more and sticks to the product that suits you until a change is required. 

  1. Preservatives Are Good Or Bad:

Beauty product companies use different combinations of preservatives in their beauty and skincare products to keep them usable for a longer period. Especially, these preservatives are added to prevent these products from the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, etc. 

But, to preserve products using preservatives, a higher amount of it is required, which may cause irritation or allergies to a few people. While in cosmetics and skincare products, parabens are used in lower amounts which rarely cause any issue to the user. Hence, it can be said preservatives are good as they keep the expiry date longer and when used in lesser amounts. 

  1. Sun Exposure Has Been A Bigger Cause For Skin Aging:

There are several reasons why the aging of skin starts earlier than expected. One of the reasons can be excessive use of chemical products on the skin, and the major reason is exposure to the sun. As per a study, almost 90% of our skin aging is done by the sun’s harmful rays. And this is the reason why it is always advised to stay home and protect your skin from the sun rays. 

To protect the skin from these harmful UV rays, using fully covered clothes, sunglasses, or Sunscreen is advised, irrespective of the season. So, if you are worried about your aging skin, then expose your skin to the sun as little as possible.

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  1. Acne Is a Common Skin Problem:

Who hasn’t experienced this skin condition in their life? Every person on this planet has experienced an acne problem at some point in their life. But, most people have seen the problem between 11-30 years of age. So, if someday you get acne on your face, don’t worry; you are not alone. Moreover, there are many treatments and products available for acne, and it is completely removable. If you are unsure of chemical products, you can also use homemade skin care remedies to treat your acne problem. So, in the future, if you get acne, don’t worry; just work on the remedy. 

  1. Bathe In Milk and Honey:

Does it sound weird? Not much, as both honey and milk are a great friend of skin. Both the ingredients help keep the skin moisturized and hydrated and can be found in different beauty products. To take a bath in milk and honey, you can follow the below-given steps and get the charm of your skin back.  

  • First of all, take 250ml of milk in a jar and add half a cup or 40ml of honey in the jar. 
  • Now, close the jar using the lid and shake it well until the two are mixed well. In case honey is settled down, then use a spoon to mix it properly in the mixture. 
  • Now, pour warm water (not boiling) into a bathing tub and add the mixture to it properly by using your hand. 
  • Then, get into the tub for at least 10 minutes to soak in the milk and honey content, and then rinse the body with normal water. 
  1. Olive Oil – A Great Friend of Skin 

Are you worried about aging skin? Don’t worry; olive oil is on your side. Just apply olive oil to your skin to prevent it from premature aging. Olive oil acts as an antioxidant for the skin that prevents oxidation. Moreover, there are several other benefits too, as it can be a great replacement for Sunscreen and it also prevents people from getting skin cancer. Want to hear some fun facts about skin? Greece is a country whose citizens revolve around olive oil due to its versatile benefits. 


By now, we have mentioned some of the amazing facts on the skin and its care, and we feel while reading the article, some of your queries have also been resolved. These were some of the interesting and informative facts on skincare. We hope you like it.