Types of Tapered Square Nails That Makes Your Nails Attractive

tapered square nails

Looking for a timeless and attractive nail shape? Check out the tapering square. Tapered square nails are about the same length as your natural nail, but they get thinner as they get longer, with sharp tips. 

They look great with almost any type of nail art. Different types of tapered nails include long , medium, and short tapered square nails.

Tapered square nails are known for having the shape of a sharp square nail. It’s stylish and comfortable, and you can use it with pointed square nails that everyone will like. 

This year, you can explore a variety of nail styles. Of course, we see coffin nails and almond nails all the time, but have you ever tried a tapered square nail? I’ve compiled a list of best-tapered square nail designs.

Best Tapered Square Nail Ideas

  • Long Tapered Square Nails
long tapered square nails

Winter is here, and you can use light and vibrant colors to create a long tapered square nails design. The long tapered square nails have a sharp square shape, so it is best to coat with a different matte pastel shade. 

The matte texture, as well as the shades, are our favorites. So you can do a similar mani or use different pastel colors on long tapered square nails. A single color is usually used on all of the nails.

If you are thinking of creating an almond shape design, discover these trendy Almond Shaped Acrylic Nail Designs and Ideas.

  • Orange Short Tapered Square Nails
orange short tapered square nails

Short tapered square nails are one of the most popular nail designs trends, and I’ve got a lovely version for you. 

These short tapered square nails change from nude to light, bright orange. Short tapered square nails are covered with diamonds on one side. 

It’s a vibrant, statement-making nail that will be perfect for the summer. With or without the diamonds, you can create short tapered square nails.

  • Nude Medium Tapered Square Nails
medium tapered square nails

This nude medium tapered square nails is for you if you like glitter and diamonds. A glossy nude shade is applied to all size of square nails

Two accent nails are decorated with big diamonds in green and other color combinations. The diamonds, as well as the nude, look great combined. 

You may use any nail color with diamond nail art to create this effect or use any color with diamond nail art. In addition, you can use diamonds in any shape, size, or color online, so you may mix with them to create your version of this medium tapered square nails look.


How does a tapered square nail look?

Nail shapes, colors, and designs all change with fashion trends. With the rise of nail art, nails are a huge fashion component. 

Tapered square nails are more wearable than most because of the sharp edges that have been in high demand for the past few years. Most hands will look good with a tapered square look.

Are square-shaped nails breaking easily?

Square and coffin-shaped nails are flatters to breakage because of their straight-edge shapes.

Is it better to have a square or round nail?

Square shape does have one advantage: it looks wonderful on longer nails. However, keep in mind that nail-shape selections are personal. 

Go for it if you want your nails to be slightly squared off. That’s great, too, if you like them tapered or rounder.


So did you like the mentioned tapered square nails ideas? Choose anyone to create your favorite and make your event and occasion more special.