Top 10 Cool Ways to Wear Tan Sandals And Top 7 Heels For This Summer!

tan sandals and heels for summer

Tan sandals are one of the most comfortable heels, and it’s available in various styles and colors. This summer, try these top10 ways to wear tan sandals in a cool and classic way along with the top 7 tan sandals to express your hidden fashion sense.

Summer is the season for all the fashion lovers who love to try different and unique styles in various ways. So this summer, if your focus on tan sandals, this article is for you. 

In this article, you will get top unique ways to wear sandals. So keep reading to learn the classic and cool ways to wear tan sandals and heels this summer!

Table of Content:

  1. Tory Burch Tan Sandals – The rich and classic summer sandals 
  2. Vionic Comfortable Tan Sandals – Add this to your summer shoes list 
  3. XYD  tan strappy heels – the best stiletto high heel you can ever have 
  4. SAINT LAURENT – The most comfortable tan platform sandals 
  5. Tie Leg Design Stiletto Heeled Strappy Sandals
  6. Valentino Garavani
  7. Gianvito Rossi – nude strappy heel sandals 

Tan Sandals: The coolest way to make your summer sassy! 

As we know, summer is full of enjoyment and chill with parties and holidays and it’s also a season for updating your wardrobe. No matter the style, I think we all want a pair of sandals or heels in our closet that is comfortable and paired with any dress. Various summer heels and sandals are available in fashion, but choosing the best one is a challenging task. 

Are you looking for a new summer fashion trend? Looking for a way to update your style with something a little different? Tan heeled sandals are a new fashionable variation on classic sandals! Stylish and comfortable tan sandals give sophistication and high-clad elegance to your summer look. 

So what are you thinking now? Try these chic and stylish ways to wear sandals. Also, I have mentioned top summer-friendly tan heeled sandals.

The perfect way to wear tan heeled sandals:
  1. Ensure your tan-heeled sandals are in good condition. If they’re scuffed, missing buckles or straps, or have other flaws, don’t wear them. Keep them clean and well-maintained.
  1. Wear your tan strappy heels with a beautiful sleeveless summer dress, Layered tops, white shorts, and other beautiful summer outfits that perfectly match and compliment your tan strappy heels.
  1. Check out if your tan-heeled sandals are the proper size for your feet by measuring them against your current shoes. After that, you can get a pair of sandals in the same size to go with your other summer shoes! 
  1. Tan platform sandals are perfect for a night out on the town. Invest in tan platform sandals if you want to feel more stylish and confident. 
  1. Choose tan strappy heels when you want to be more stylish than your everyday style! Also, pair tan strappy heels with your favorite jeans.
  1. When celebrating or entertaining guests, wear tan platform sandals! You can’t go wrong with these stylish shoes for a night out!
  1. Tan strappy heels are the best option when going out with friends! These traditional summer shoes are perfect for flaunting your friends and other fun people at bars, movies, dinners, and other social gatherings.
  1. For a casual look, wear a pair of tan-heeled sandals with your favorite outfits, whether at home, work, or somewhere else. 
  1. Pair tan sandals with beige or blue pants or shorts for an eye-catching look and add a touch of color and drama.
  1. Are you planning your holidays? If yes, then with denim jackets and beautiful headbands, do not forget to pack a pair of sandals.

Wondering about top sandals for your summer wardrobe? I have compiled top stylish and comfortable sandals for you.

Top 7 Tan Sandals for Summer – You Can’t Miss These Summer Footwear! 

  1. Tory Burch Tan Sandals – The rich and classic summer sandals

Women are a fan of these tan Tory Burch sandals. These stylish flip-flops shapes are laser-cut double ‘T’. Pair of sandals to complete your boho look. Moreover, sandals come in various colors and designs so that you can buy them as per your preference.

What to wear with tan heels:

These sandals give a boho touch, so it’s good to wear a beige skirt with a short white top, and do not forget to carry a small bag.

  1. Vionic Comfortable Tan Sandals – Add this to your summer shoes list

Wondering about cozy and stylish sandals which give comfort while walking on the beach. If yes, do not avoid these sandals to buy. It is not only super cute, but the footbed of sandals supports your arches. At the same time, the rubber sole gives traction whether you’re walking to a delicious dinner.

What to wear with tan heels: 

I recommend wearing shorts with a floral print top and carrying a sling bag to give a little classy touch. 

  1. XYD  tan strappy heels – the best stiletto high heel you can ever have

If you love wearing high heels, go with these high tan heeled sandals. As these heels are high, it’s difficult to wear, but if you are used to walking in high heels, then it’s better for you. Wear sandals that go well with your spring and summer clothes. These tan sandals are a perfect option for events, parties, clubs, bars, nights out, dates, and prom.

What to wear with tan heels: 

These heels are already high, so I recommend styling them with a V-neck summer sleeveless dress and a small clutch to add extra glam to your look.

Are you ready for your summer party? Complete your look by carrying beautiful small bags that are easy to carry and look stylish.

  1. SAINT LAURENT – The most comfortable tan platform sandals

These tan strappy heels are one of my favorite summer heels. Saint Laurent platform nude strappy sandals have become one of the trendy tan sandals in 2022. However, if you feel it’s too high to wear, you are wrong because the tan strappy heel’s supportive ankle straps support you and give you more comfort. 

What to wear with tan heels: 

Pair tan strappy heels with a whiter shirt and denim shorts, and for a better holiday look, wear a stylish headband. 

  1. Tie Leg Design Stiletto Heeled Strappy Sandals

These best-seller sandals make your summer evening more glamorous. How? This ultra-high heel and plain strap make your legs more attractive. However, these strappy summer sandals for 2022 are under $50. And these fashionable sandals are ideal for club, party, and night dates. 

What to wear with tan heels: 

These tan heels’ length is ultra-high, so it’s’ the best way to wear them with floral shorts; it gives you a vacation vibe. For a more classic style, carry a small bag.

  1. Valentino Garavani

So this summer, attend any wedding or party by pairing these rich and classy tan heeled sandals. These modern and trendy high-heeled sandals are decorated with iconic Rockstuds. These high-heeled statement nude heels for summer 2022 are in trend due to their slightly rounded toe and rock stud details. 

What to wear with tan heels: 

Pair tan sandals with Cut-Outs and mini skirts, and to look more stylish.

  1. Gianvito Rossi nude strappy heel sandals

Finding nude strappy heel sandals for a Summer wedding function? So do not skip Gianvito Rossi’s nude strappy heel sandals. These gorgeous classic heels go with any color of your outfit and make you look attractive. These tan strappy heels are not just fashionable, but their stunning patent leather gives a luxurious touch.

What to wear with tan heels: 

Pair nude strappy heels with a long dress to attend any wedding function and reception party.


So I hope you like the mentioned sandals, so are you ready to complete your summer look by wearing beautiful and classy tan heels? Pick your favorite one, pair it with your summer dress and enjoy your vacation days.

FAQs for Tan Sandals and Tan Heels in summer

Do tan sandals go with everything?

Ans. Yes, the tan sandal is an iconic and fantastic sandal, and it will go with every type of outfit.

What colors go with tan sandals?

Ans. Beige and brown colors go perfectly with sandals.

What do you wear with tan sandals?

Ans. You can wear anything with sandals. If you attend a wedding, then try tan heeled sandals.

Do tan sandals go with black jeans?

Ans. Yes, you can wear sandals with black and brown jeans.

How to wear tan heeled sandals?

Ans. Follow the ways mentioned above to wear tan heeled sandals ideally.