Top 11 Summer Heels to Try This Year

top 11 summer heels

Summer is on the way, and it’s time to pack your boots and jackets in storage while preparing your wardrobe for the summer season. If you are thinking of buying a new pair of summer heels for your summer evening parties and summer holidays, you must follow these Spring/Summer 2022 shoe trends.

Top 11 summer heels 
Strappy Heels - The perfect summer heels
Flip Flop Heels
Heel Slippers
Tan Heeled Sandals
Slides - An alternative to Heel Slippers
Wide Straps Summer Heels
Low Block Heels
white pumps
Clear Heels
Simple White Heels
FAQs for Summer Heels

Top 11 summer heels to try this year

Strappy Heels – The perfect summer heels

strappy heels

Whether you want a more minimalist look or prefer a more glam look, buy strappy heels to complete any AM or PM outfit! Strappy Heels are the coolest summer heels,  so why not add a pair of infinitely versatile black block strappy heels to your closet essentials that you can wear year after year?

With these damn classy and rich-looking strappy heels, go all out this season while flaunting your cool personality. 

Moreover, a strappy heel with a pointed toe or a thigh-high strappy heel for a leg-lengthening look will give your style a celebrity look. 

Tips: Pair Strappy heels with strap dresses and carry them with long-strapped small handbags with light makeup, and that look is perfect for your evening date. 

Flip Flop Heels – Top summer heels to try

flip flop heels

Buy this if you want to treat your feet to a well-deserved beach holiday. Flip flop heels are best to give extra glam to your feet. Moreover, flip flop heels are widely available and popular heels worldwide. Apart from the “basic” plastic and rubber, “standard” flip-flops heels come in various designs and materials.

In my view, Flip flops heels are the most flexible summer heel. In addition, wedge flip flop heels give an extra spark. These are just ordinary flip flops with a wide wedge heel that can go from half an inch to several inches tall.

Tips: As you know, flip flop heels are the most comfortable summer shoes, so you can go with any cozy dress or denim jacket for a beach walk. 

Heel Slippers – You can’t miss these summer heels

As we know, heels are the best friend of girls, but it’s a challenging task to wear high heels with a heavy dress in summer weddings and occasions. Do not worry;  These heel slippers give you more comfort while attending a wedding or party. Heel slippers are available in various designs and styles. So if you are wondering about cozy and stylish heels for your wardrobe, you must have heel slippers on your bucket list! 

Tan Heeled Sandals – The best summer heels

Heels fulfill all of the needs for comfort, style, and versatility, but it’s challenging to find a stylish and comfortable pair of heels that goes with every outfit. 

Whether you’re meeting friends in boyfriend’s jeans and a tee or dressing up for a night out during the summer season, trendy tan heeled sandals or tan flat sandals are the best summer heels. Tan heeled sandals have been the most popular Spring/Summer 2022 shoe trends, so do not forget to pick this pair in your summer wardrobe.

Tips: Tan heeled sandals are perfect for girls who love to look cool. Pair them with a stylish hoodie.

Slides – An alternative to Heel Slippers

Flip-flops may create a cracking noise, and they don’t provide ankle support. So get rid of them this summer and replace them with slides! Slides are similar to flip flops in comfort, but this summer helps support your feet. So enjoy your beach walk without stopping because these comfortable heels make your feet comfortable.

Tips: This summer/spring shoe is perfect for an aesthetic outfit because it provides a more comfortable and stylish touch.

Wide Straps Summer Heels

wide strap summer heels

These wide strap summer heels are perfect for you if your style isn’t too flashy or dramatic. They are pretty convenient, similar to flip flops and slides, and the perfect shoe option for your sunny adventure.

However, these sandals are all about clean and bold lines, unlike the slides with their large buckles and rough style. They’re perfect if you want shoes that will match the rest of your outfit.

Tips: Wide straps heels are one of my favorite summer heels as they go with every look whether I am going for dinner or on holiday.

Low Block Heels

low block heels

Low block heels are amazing as they make you look taller and walk sassier. Stilettos are fabulous but not the most comfortable shoes to explore the world. When you run around local towns and beautiful, historical sights while on vacation this summer, those cobblestone streets and dirt roads will make you regret the four inches and narrow heels.

Drop their jaws with your sassy walk and height this summer with these block heels! They will give you all the stability you need to survive the long sightseeing trips, and you will still look fabulous.

Tips: Low Block Heels with a denim jacket is my favorite combination ever. You can try something more extraordinary with a classic Winged Liner and brown mat lipstick.

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White Pumps

Wearing such an elegant shoe will make you look a little more professional everywhere you go. In addition, they’ll look great with that go-to white dress you’ve been wearing all summer. However, these heels should only be worn with stunning white gowns. You’ll love how these heels can brighten up any outfit, especially a pair of bright blue denim!

Tips: Wear these summer heels for a corporate meeting or office lunch.

Clear Heels

This summer, forget the usual black and nude heels and enjoy the clear shoe trend! If you’re having difficulty finding nude shoes that match your skin tone, consider how clear shoes are always a good fit. You won’t have to worry about color coordination or mismatching with clear heels. These heels fit with anything and can be worn anywhere!

Tips: Clear heels fit perfectly with blue denim jeans and white shirts; wear a cute headband to make your look more classy.

Simple White Heels:

Summer is the perfect season for wearing white shades. These heels are very classic and straightforward. They may be worn with any outfit to elevate it immediately.

They are very affordable and easily accessible. But, what’s the best part? They’re unbelievably comfortable! I’ve worn my white pair to practically every event I’ve ever been to, and they’ve never let me down. I’m usually the only girl left with her heels on at the night’s end. These are incredible.

Tips: Look perfect with a floral dress and carry a small purse to add extra glam.


Wear espadrilles this summer to carry the beachy look with you. With their nautical stripes and woven soles, these sandals give you a touch of a boho look. However, these shoes are comfortable and give your outfit a laid-back vibe. It’s everything you’ll need for a tropical holiday!

Tips: Pair Espadrilles with a short sleeveless dress, and for a more beachy look, pair them with a white hat.

You deserve the best summer heels this season:

From my point of view, every woman should have each shoe style in her closet.

In the summer, I love to wear heels. For me, they are a must-have pair of shoes. They are the best way to dress up any outfit, from heeled sandals to wedges to high heels. Moreover, they look great with anything from white jeans to a summer dress!

I hope you liked reading the top Spring/Summer 2022 shoe trends! These all heels are unique to the summer season, so it’s convenient to make a good investment that will last for many years. I love the combination of classic and trendy pieces, and I hope you’ve found some new favorites as well!

FAQs for Summer Heels:

Q: Which heels are most attractive?

Ans. 45-degree angle heels look more attractive.

Q: What are the 3 types of heels?

Ans. There are three heel types: high, mid, and low

Q: Is there a difference between heels and stilettos?

Ans. Yes, the size of the heel separates pumps from stilettos.

Q: What are flip-flop heels called?

Ans. Flip-flop heels are known as thongs.

Q: Why is it called a flip-flop?

Ans. There are many ways to dress heeled flip-flops, flip flop heels, and thong heels, whatever you call them. Wear your heeled flip-flops with your favorite summer dress, or pair them with long pants for a more professional look.

Q: Why do strappy heels hurt?

Ans. While wearing strappy heels, much of the discomfort is created by tiny intermetatarsal nerves that run between the bones of the foot, and these nerves become irritated and swollen when wearing heels.

Q: How do you stretch strappy heels?

Ans. Fill a zip lock bag halfway with water a put a shoe inside it—the sole of your shoe stretches. The water freezes inside the shoe, making it extend.

Q: What are slippers with heels called?

Ans. Slippers with heels called pumps, stilettos, and heeled sandals.