Top 9 Split Hair Dye Ideas to Go Crazy With Hair Color Fashion

split hair dye ideas

Are you having trouble deciding what color to dye your hair next? Consider half and half hair dye! Split dyed hair is a revolutionary concept for daring women who want to look independent. Keep reading to learn more great split hair dye ideas, and transform your personality to the next level!

When you separate your hair in half and half hair dye, each half a different color, it’s called half and half hair (or split dyed hair). It can go from soft, natural colors to bright, contrasting shades. It’s the ideal way to get a one-of-a-kind look that will have everyone asking how you did it. So today, I have collected some fantastic split hair dye ideas to give your hair a cool and charming look.

Table of Content:

Split Hair Dye Ideas:

  1. Pink And Green Half and Half Hair Dye
  2. Yellow And Gray Half And Half Hair Dye
  3. Violet And Turquoise Shining Split Hair Dye Ideas

Black Split Dye Hair

  1. Black And Green Split Hair Dye
  2. Black & Ashy Blonde Split Hair Dye
  3. Black And Rose Gold Split Hair Dye
  4. Split Dye Hair Red And Black

Blonde Split Dye Hair

  1. Blonde With Peach Hair
  2. Blonde and Copper Split Dye Hair
  3. Bright Blue And Blonde Split Dye Hair

Split Dyed Hair At Home

FAQS for Split Hair Dye

The Hair Color Fashion World Is Booming With Split Hair Dye

Do you know how the split dyed hair trend is on the rock in the internet world? So it’s your time to hop on the trend without any further delay. Why limit yourself to just one stunning hair color when you can create a masterpiece out of two? Several years ago, this trend was observed as a half-blonde, half-black haircut. Hairstylists are still pushing the half and half hair dye trend to its limit in today’s visual world of Instagram and Pinterest!

It’s pretty uncommon to see a specific color combination used dimensionally on one side and a completely different palette on the other. You’ll see what I’m talking about. There are many split hair dye ideas including half-dyed hair underneath, split dyed hair brown and blonde, black split dye hair, blonde split dye hair, split dye hair red and black. Here are 9 of my fave split hair dye ideas, so without wasting more time check out and try it to hit your personality. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Doing Split Hair Ideas At Home

  1. Choose a reputable brand, such as Velvet Berry, 5.1-oz, and  COLOR WOW
  2. To create a more bright color, lighten your hair first.
  3. Create the perfect part down the middle of your head using a rat-tail comb; attach each part with clips or hair ties.
  4. Make sure the color is filled in the hair.
  5. Take special care not to let the color on the opposite side overlap. 
  6. When dyeing the hair around the part, go slowly and carefully 
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Half Dyed Hair Underneath:

half hair dye underneath

Half-dyed hair underneath is on-trend in the hair color world. The underside layer of your hair is colored a different color than the top layer in this unique peekaboo style.

Amazing! But how can you tell if half-dyed hair underneath is right for you? Which color will you choose? And how do you get a peek inside? You’ve arrived at the right place! Here I will share some pictures of half-dyed hair underneath that will help you to understand how half-dyed hair underneath looks on you.

But what about peekaboo hair? So here for your confusion, I am sharing some basic information about peekaboo hair.

It’s one of the most popular split hair dye ideas and a demanded style. The bottom layer of your hair is dyed a different color than the top layer in a peek-a-boo style.

The under hair dye can be a dark color, streaks, or highlights, or you can go all out with a rainbow, mermaid, or unicorn effect! Until you have half-dyed hair underneath, the bottom color is only visible when it shows through the top layer of hair. 

Peekaboo hair coloring is usually done with a semi-permanent to permanent color. Bright colors are usually used to create a stunning and unexpected contrast!

How to Split Dye Hair : Split Dyed Hair Brown And Blonde:

If you are planning to have split-dyed hair, you have to decide whether you would like to add the additional color block of contrast to your hair side-by-side or top-to-bottom. Here are basic steps you should consider while split-dyed hair brown and blonde

5 basic steps of split-dyed hair brown and blonde:

  1. Part your hair along the middle so that the hair on each side is equitably spread. Make sure the part goes all the way to the back of your head and down to your hairline. 
  1. Decide if you want a subtle or bold color combination. Once you’ve decided to secure the area, you won’t be coloring first to one side.
  1. Then follow the hair color application directions according to the product’s booklet on the side you are coloring. Once you finish that side, clip it out from the other side. Repeat the process if you plan to color the remaining side.
  1. Make a ponytail with the top part of your hair, then a second ponytail with the bottom half. Make sure you use a completely straight horizontal portion line to split the two.  
  1. Use a pointed comb to help section. To avoid color transfer, wrap the hair in a bun for the portion that isn’t colored.
  1. Choose your favorite color and color in a section of the front on each side. I recommend a lighter shade to create a face-framing effect. Make sure the back part of the hair is secured during this process.

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Some Inspirational Half And Half Hair Dye Ideas To Make Your Day! 

  1. Pink And Green Half and Half Hair Dye:

If I had to choose, pink and green would be my favorite half and half hair dye. I love how the pink’s brightness contrasts with the green to create an edgy final half and half hair dye look. 

Include shampoo and conditioner in your routine if you’re going for fancy hair color. This sulfate-free method gently cleanses and conditions hair to prevent color from fading too fast. 

  1. Yellow And Gray Half And Half Hair Dye: Split Hair dye ideas

The most dramatic method of getting half and half hair dye is to part your hair down the middle and dye each side a different color, but it’s not the only one. Color the top half of your hair yellow and the bottom half to highlight your desired length with a grey color. A combination of yellow and grey half and half hair dye give you positive vibes and are perfect for the summer holidays.   

  1. Violet And Turquoise: Shining Split Hair Dye Ideas

If cool-toned colors are more your style, this violet and turquoise half and half hair dye color combination is a stunner. I suggest using a shine enhancing serum with vibrant colors like violet and turquoise as they look best with a lot of shine. This lightweight half and half hair dye give a gorgeous, dazzling shine while smoothing frizz and flyaways.

Some of The Best Black Split Dye Hair Inspirations

  1. Black And Green: A Bold Black Split Dye Hair

Black hair is a statement color, but black split dye hair creates an out-of-the-box look when combined with bright green. Black split dye hair enhances your personality with a bright green color that is perfect for street dancers.

  1. Black & Ashy Blonde: Most Popular Split Hair Dye Idea

One of the most popular styles is ashy blonde, which matches all skin tones and does not turn orange. The greatest of the classic hair colors is black. If you like these two shades and want to experiment with them, the black split dye hair is for you.  

  1. Black And Rose Gold: A Cool Split Hair Dye Ideas

Rose gold is a hair color that combines blonde and pink colors in the right amount. The hair looks stunning when you combine the shade with the elegance of black hair. So try black split dye hair and make your hair pretty for summer parties.

  1. Split Dye Hair Red And Black

Black and red are a great combination. That’s why split dye hair red and black is so popular with edgy women who like two hair colors. So try this split dye hair red and black that expresses your bold personality.

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Super Hot Blonde Split Dye Hair Ideas: 

  1. Blonde With Peach: Stylish Blonde Split Dye Hair

Blonde split dye hair is one of the best split hair dye ideas if you want to express yourself. Warm blonde and pastel peach are the two most fashionable shades for the next few seasons, so try these blonde split dye hair and give a shiny look to your personality.

  1. Blonde and Copper Split Dye Hair

Looking for a one-of-a-kind hair color combination that will make you stand out? You’ll look great with copper and blonde split dye hair. Color your half part blonder and another part with copper shades.

  1. Bright Blue And Blonde Split Dye Hair

Although the trend of blonde split dye hair is fashionable, many women prefer a less dramatic look. In that case, a more subtle blonde split dye hair, such as bright blue and blonde, highlights your natural hair. So try these split hair dye ideas to look more graceful this summer and highlight your personality with blue shine.

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Get Split Dyed Hair At Home

It’s a lot of fun to make a beautiful split-dyed hair. All you’ll need is split hair dye ideas. Working as cleanly as possible is the key to split dyed hair. The more precise you can be with this coloring process, the better.

Experimenting with different color combinations, sectioning patterns, and blending techniques is one of the most fun parts of this stunning, split-dyed hair procedure. It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your talent and creativity by making bold, original selections. Are you ready to have a lot of fun experimenting with split hair dye ideas

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FAQS for Split Hair Dye

Is split dye hair trendy?

Yes, split dye hair is in trend for a cool and funny style. 

What has split dyed hair called?

Spile dyes hair, also known as half and half hair.

How do you split hair dye?

There are many split hair dye ideas available on the internet; if you want to do it easily, follow the above-mentioned split hair dye ideas

What is a split dye?

When you separate your hair in half and color each half a different color, you have half and half hair (or split dye).

What is it called when you dye the underside of your hair?

When you dye the underside of your hair, it’s called half-dyed hair underneath.