Top Five Small Handbags for Women for Any Occasions

5 small handbags for women

Women don’t need any reason to buy handbags. Remember that different shoulder bags for women are made for different purposes apart from the fashion factor. And you should use them only for that purpose. Choosing a small purse is a personal decision based on your lifestyle and personal style statement. 

The advantage of having a bunch of small purses is that you can carry the right one for the occasion. In addition, it can improve look and make a space more functional. Here are five different types of purses for various purposes.

Top Five Small Handbags For Women

Carlyle Small Leather Shoulder Bag

small pink shoulder bag for women

A pink purse is the first choice of every girl. Suppose you want to invest in a small purse, it’s essential to buy based on current trends. This beautiful pink purse is the quick option for all occasions, whether you are going on a date or attending a family function. 

Kate Spade New York’s pink purse has an adaptable strap for flexibility and is chic in different ways. You can use this pink purse to store your essentials such as lipstick, a pen, a phone, and earphones.

Andie Perforated Leather Drawstring Bag 

Leather Drawstring shoulder Bag 

The Andie drawstring bag is smooth leather with an oversized “LRL” metal stopper and L-shaped perforations. The floral-print lining gives a pop of color touch to the bag. In addition, they provide a lot of space for you to carry all of your stuff. 

A small purse has a drawstring closure and is wide at the bottom. These small handbags for women give a different impression to every woman. These shoulder bags for women have a vintage and classic look. You may use this small purse as a backpack or a sling bag.

All Day Large Tote – Black Shoulder Bag

large tote - black shoulder bag for women

Small black purse bags are an obvious choice for college students and office workers. These extra-large bags are quite useful. A small black purse has enough space to hold everything you’ll need for the day. 

It’s highly important when traveling because we often forget to pack something essential at the last minute. The small black purse is an easy option that can be worn with any outfit, from casual to dressy, and is adaptable in both style and usefulness.

Crochet-Straw Medium Whitney Tote – white hand bag

white hand bag for women

These shoulder bags for women charm for an iconic Lauren look and are made of summary straw for the perfect warm-weather accessory. A go-to bag that’s neither too big nor too small is perfect for everyone. You can use small handbags for women as a pouch or crossbody bag. 

This tote bag is perfect for storing your essentials such as lipstick, a pen, a phone, and earphones. A crossbody bag can come in handy. Whether it’s day or night, put one over your body and make your day more comfortable. 

Penelope Clutch – Small Red purse

small red purse for women

It’s a little red purse that fits in your hand’s palm. This red purse gives small storage space for important cards and cash. A clutch bag may enhance your outfit and make you look stylish. 

This red purse is not only classic, but this red purse is also quite useful to have on hand for days when you don’t want to carry a large tote bag. Clutches are available in various unique shapes and sizes, making them suitable for use as unique bags. 

FAQs for small handbags for women

Q: Is the black purse trending in 2022?

Ans. Yes, black is an ultimate classic color and it’s an all-time favorite choice for every woman.

Q: Can I carry a small purse on every occasion?

Ans. Yes, but your purse shape and color should match your dress and occasion purpose.

Q: Are shoulder bags suitable for everyday use?

Ans. Yes, a shoulder bag is suitable for every occasion and easy to carry because it’s lightweight.

Q: What are small handbags called?

Ans. Small handbags are known as mini bags. 

Q: Are tiny purses in style?

Ans. Yes, tiny purses in style because of their lightweight and unique designs.

Q: What is a small shoulder purse called?

Ans. A small shoulder purse is known as a sling bag.

Q: What kind of bags are in style?

Ans. Small handbags are in style, and in this article, you explore the different types of small handbags.


There are so many options, from stylish purses that can be used with various outfits to fast fashion trends that come and go. You must be set to go once you’ve covered all of your options with these styles. Also, keep in mind that, apart from style, different bags are designed for different reasons.

Do you like to carry a small bag? Then, explore Stylish Small Handbags and Small Purses for Women, where you get various ideas of small purses.