Popular Short Oval Shaped Nails Designs for The Perfect Nail Shape

short oval shaped acrylic nails designs

Some people think short oval nails are outdated, but I do not think they are outdated. Most women like short oval nails when it comes to nail shapes. Oval-shaped nail designs are classic styles that will never go out of style. Although it is not as sharp as nails, it has many different styles. Short oval nails are convenient, so they do not break easily. It is perfect for women who do not prefer the high cost of nail designs. 

If your nails are thin, oval-shaped nails designs may help you maintain your nail look. Short oval nails look beautiful with colors and glitter. From light and stylish to statement-making art, everyone has something. And today, I have discussed popular and easy oval nail design ideas. So scroll down to get the nail design ideas, pick your favorite, and make your day more beautiful.

In this article, I have discussed Popular Short Oval-Shaped Nails Designs To Achieve The Perfect Nail Shape.

  • Elegant Short Oval Nails
short oval nails

This oval nail design is simple and more attractive. These nails look perfect in a soft nude color. You can also decorate transparent parts with glitter or diamonds, and it is a fantastic idea because the shade will attract people. The diamonds add a glamorous touch. For a special occasion, these nail design ideas are perfect for you.

  • Cute Heart Design Nails

You may like this next nail design because it is so adorable. Create a heart design look by using matte red nail paint. The heart short oval nails design is perfect for a Valentine’s day look. It’s a simple idea that you can easily recreate at home.

  • Black Oval Acrylic Nails
black oval acrylic nails

If you are very particular about the shape of your oval acrylic nails, be careful when filing them. A minor mistake can create your nails from oval acrylic nails to something different. When talking about oval acrylic nail designs, most women avoid choosing black. But my question is, how can you imagine nail designs without black elegance? Black nails make the strong personality of women.

Women love black outfits the most, and black nails are the only option for matching them. These black colored oval acrylic nails are perfect for women working in a corporate industry.

  • Bright Pink Short Oval Nail Design Idea
bright pink short oval nails

Next, I will show you a bright pink color look design. The bright matter pink looks more elegant with the decorated tiny diamonds. The best thing about this nail design is this it is a trendy and easy nail design that will attract many people. Use a different shade of pink and create your favorite design. Any color, from pastel to dark, will look stunning.

  • Pretty Floral Oval Nail Designs Ideas
pretty oval nails designs

It is another stunning nail design, and it is one of my favorites as well. The floral art on both hands looks different. The nails look natural by creating light blue tips and highlighting nails by creating a floral design. The use of light blue for the tips is beautiful, and the flower art makes it more gorgeous. This short oval nails design is perfect for the spring season.

  • Simple Short Oval shaped Nails

Next, I will show you another trendy short  oval shaped nails designs. To create a trendy and simple design, paint nails with grey and white color. These neutral shades are stunning, and this design is perfect for those who like a more modest style to nail painting. The look is simple to complete; all you need are similar colors.

Do you like to create nail designs regularly, then make sure your nail polish brand is good. Here you get the best gel nail polish brands that are perfect for your nail design.

  • Pink And Orange Rainbow Nails

Do you like rainbow oval shaped nails designs? If this is the truth, pink and orange rainbow nails are for you. With the pink and orange version, you can paint your nails in a way that starts light pink and then turns neon orange. The colors match each other well, and both are must-haves for spring and summer. On the internet, you can find rainbow art instructions. This style is pretty simple actually to create!

  • Pastel Pink and Green Nails Design
pastel pink oval nail design

This nail design includes a stunning color combination. The nails are either pastel pink or green in color. Some of the nails are glitter and sparkling, but these soft pastels are perfect for you if you like the bright and colorful style. If you are thinking of going on spring and summer vacation, this is perfect for you. Try two different pastel colors or recreate the pink and green effect.


Why is the oval nail shape ideal for women?

The medium to long shape is similar to almond styles but is softer and more delicate, which ends in a semicircle. Therefore, the nail shape is feminine, making wide fingers look smaller and short fingers look longer.

What should we do to have the ideal oval shape?

Oval shapes are flattering on wide and thin nails, and the beautiful tip adds length. Make sure the side walls are straight and even the perfect oval shape. Then, shape the side walls into a rounded oval, ensuring that the angles on each side are equal.

Are oval nails more durable?

They are the perfect shape for the catwalk because they widen the nails. They also make narrow nail beds look wider for a more balanced look. They are also one of the most durable and least inclined to breaking shapes


Make sure your nails don’t look odd or ugly, no matter what shape or color you use. Color combinations and patterns don’t always work with the type of nails. When you create your nails, keep these in mind using our unique patterns as ideas.