Best Ring Finger Tattoos For Women’s

ring finger tattoos for women

More people are getting ring tattoos to remember essential occasions and relationships in their lives. According to a growing trend in the tattoo community, people are increasingly choosing tattoos inspired by rings instead of traditional wedding rings. Best friends may choose to have matching tattoos, while some may like the look of a permanent ring that they will never have to remove.

Ring finger tattoo is often tiny and discreet. Finger tattoos for women are perfect for people who want to keep a low profile while also expressing themselves. A  Ring finger tattoo may be just as memorable as tattoos on other body parts with the right design and execution.

If you’re considering having one, here’s a list of tattoo ideas on ring finger for womens to get you started.

Ring Finger Tattoo Ideas For Women

Small Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are symbols of change, freedom, and beauty. A Small butterfly tattoo is popular among men and women. It is a symbol of transformation and beauty. A small butterfly tattoo symbolizes power and courage for those undergoing life transformations. 

You can customize your butterfly design to match your style. For example, try a black ink butterfly in a static pose for a more robust look. On the other hand, a feminine small butterfly tattoo may be created around your finger and include a red or yellow color.  

Flame Tattoos

Flame tattoos represent heat, light, and destruction. Flame tattoos can also symbolize strength and an unstoppable personality. Flame tattoos can signify your strong attitude even if you don’t have a lot of space on your fingers to work with.

Libra Sign Tattoos

Ring finger tattoo with zodiac symbols, such as the adorable Libra symbol, is perfect. They are a simple but expressive mixture of lines and dots. Moreover, you can have a ring finger tattoo based on your zodiac sign too! 

Floral Pattern Finger Tattoos 

Floral designs have always been famous for many reasons. Images of roses are among the first finger tattoos for women, ideas that come to mind when they consider getting a ring finger tattoo. Flowers are a fantastic choice for ring tattoos because of their broad look and rich symbolism, and these are great examples of this style.

Vine Finger Tattoos

The vine may not be as attractive as flowers, yet it stays strong in the face of difficulties in reaching for the sky. Vine tattoos are for sun-seekers with a strong commitment to achieving.

Evil Eye Finger Tattoos

The evil eye is a beneficial and protecting symbol. The glow of jealousy is thought of bringing lousy fortune. The wearer of evil eye protection, tattoo, or jewelry would be protected against curses, misfortune, and evil spirits.

Matching lavender tattoos

A couple of tattoos with lavender are unique. However, it is thought to symbolize devotion, purity, and healing. Consider getting lavender tattoos to celebrate your relationship if your partner brings out the best in you and helps you recover from past traumas. 

Cuticle Tattoos 

Most cuticle tattoos are done around the nails rather than on the cuticle. The cuticle is not famous for a ring finger tattoo because there is a tiny area. However, they make perfect decorative tattoos for those with beautiful nail art. 

Do you want to create an aesthetic finger tattoo? Discover more finger tattoos for women that make your fingers more elegant. 


What does it mean when a girl has a tattoo on her ring finger?

Many people decide to get a ring tattoo on their ring or finger to show commitment to their relationship.

What do ring tattoos symbolize?

Finger tattoos usually represent an incredibly organized person. Due to the limited area available, the artist must make the best of what they have to interact conveyed by the tattoo. Words are commonly spelled on the fingers, with four or fewer letters leading in potentially massive messages.

What are the costs of ring tattoos?

Most tattoo artists charge by the hour, and many have a minimum charge for tiny tattoos. On the low end of the price range, a ring tattoo design might cost as little as $50, with more detailed designs costing more. Even if an experienced and well-known tattoo artist charges upwards of $200 per hour, a ring tattoo will likely cost more than a few hundred dollars.


Now that you’ve known about the various types of finger tattoos, you may quickly choose your favorite. However, remember that finger tattoos are still among the most popular in 2022, and you won’t want to miss out. So hurry up and have some fantastic finger art as soon as possible.