Red String Evil Eye Bracelet Protection and Benefits

red string evil eye bracelet protection and benefits

Ancient cultures have many beliefs that are still followed in the present day. One such belief is the evil eye. There are many colors in evil eyes, and we often find them in jewelry, souvenirs, and clothes. Amongst all the colors of an evil eye, there is also red. Red evil eye and red evil eye string bracelets are trendy and have many associated meanings. If you ever wondered what an evil eye is and what a red evil eye means, here is your guide.

In this blog post, I have discussed all about red string evil eye bracelet protection and its benefits.  Let’s unfold all the aspects of the Red String Evil Eye Bracelet. 

What is an evil eye

Before understanding the red string evil eye bracelet, you need to understand what an evil eye is. There are 3 kinds of evil eyes.

  1. The first one is the unconscious evil eye. 
  2. The second is the intentional evil eye. 
  3. And the third is the unseen, hidden evil eye.

What do these three types of evil eye mean?

  • The unconscious evil eye occurs when people or things cause harm without intending to. When someone glances at you, or they roll their eyes, or they say or do something. When they have thoughts or things to say against someone, these actions and thoughts send out negative energy towards you without realizing it.
  • The second intentional evil eye happens when someone spreads gossip or rumor about you or the anger they feel towards you. Actions that include cursing, screaming, and body language originated from anger can create negative vibrations and negative energy, which can affect you and cause you harm. 
  • The third kind of evil eye, hidden and unseen, is the scariest evil eye. This kind of evil eye is probably why the evil eye bracelets are made. The third kind has multiple layers of which are involved in causing harm. There are many causes. The causes could be jealousy, envy, coveting that could cause such a type of evil eye. For example, your good fortune could make someone jealous, and that could result in you experiencing bad luck.

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History of the evil eye:

The evil eye is a concept that is not modern. It has been prevalent in many cultures over several centuries. Even though it is not proven scientifically, the evil eye is still believed strongly by a vast majority of people, and for a good reason, it does help them lead better, less harmful, pleasant lives. There must be some significance for these traditions to have lasted for centuries. 

The red string bracelet can be found in multiple cultures and religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Kabbalah, and Ancient Chinese lore.


In Hinduism, married women wear the red evil eye bracelet on the left hand, and unmarried women and men wear it on the right hand. This string is still used for many religious celebrations and traditions. It was worn to make people feel connected, and it is a symbol of good luck and protection.


In Buddhism, the string was often tied around the wrist as a mark of an occasion. The Lama traditionally blesses the string and then ties it while reciting a mantra. The string, similar to other religions, is said to bring luck and protection.


The red thread in Christianity symbolizes redemption.


Kabbalah is a form of Judaism. In Hebrew texts, a woman named Rachel tries to conceive for many years, but her efforts are futile, she was believed to be infertile, but later she gives birth to Joseph. While giving birth to Benjamin, she dies, but she was only concerned about her children’s protection from evil until her last breath. Because of this, Rachel is revered as a holy mother figure. 

To honor her death, every year, a red string is tied around her tomb seven times, and then it is removed and cut into bracelet size length strings. Everyone later ties it around their left hand while reciting a prayer for protection and luck. But in the present day, not everyone has access to Rachel’s tomb, so you can knot a red evil eye bracelet seven times while reciting a prayer.

Ancient Chinese legend:

Very often, the red evil eye string is believed to protect you and bring you luck. But other beliefs claim that the red string also brings you and your love together. It protects your loved ones and your love from others’ jealousy and evil intentions. 

In one Chinese legend, the Red Thread of Fate is invisible, and it ties the lives of the ones who are made for one another together. This thread is controlled by the Chinese God of Marriage, Yue Lao. It is fundamentally associated with the link between two people who are destined to get married.

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What are the side effects of an evil eye?

Over time if the evil eye accumulates and your aura keeps taking the blow. Then your health can rapidly deteriorate. You could experience various unwanted side effects because your body and life can become vulnerable to negative vibrations and negative energy. 

evil eye bracelet

You could fall sick and feel uneasiness, such as

  • Having severe headaches
  • Feel a sudden discomfort
  • Extreme weakness
  • Your consciousness could get affected, and you could feel empty from within.
  • Face unexpected accidents
  • There could be negativity and problems at your workplace, your job, or home life. 
  • You could experience stress and tension.
  • And have an intense desire to sleep.

These are a few adverse side effects that you could experience from the accumulation of evil eyes. Such unwanted harm, inconveniences, and pain can be averted by wearing the evil eye bracelets. In doing so, you can experience the evil eye bracelet benefits of leading a calm, peaceful, protected life. 

The red string evil eye bracelet, meaning

There are many colors of the evil eye. Blue, white, green, and red. Each has its meaning and purpose in removing the evil eye. In the same manner, red also has its significance and place. In many cultures and religions, red string evil eye bracelets protect you and bring you luck. But it also had a more profound meaning. It is seen as a reminder of compassion and love. 

red string evil eye bracelet

In many cultures, the left side is seen as the receiving end, so tying a red string evil eye bracelet on the left hand brings you blessings. It also enables the flow of luck, wealth, and abundance. Another reminder of wearing an evil eye bracelet is to protect ourselves from the negativity of others but also to remember to not give the evil eye to others. 

The red string evil eye bracelets help you achieve your goals. It protects you from negative thoughts and bad feelings and the evil eye of others who might affect you with intentional or unintentional thoughts. Because of such a protective layer, you can reach your goals on a straight path with no obstacles. The red string evil eye bracelet also protects you and your loved one from unnecessary misunderstandings and fights. It keeps you close to the people you love despite anyone’s jealous intentions.

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How to tie the red string Bracelet

Ensure that you only let someone who loves and only has good intentions for you tie the red string evil eye bracelet. Do not approach anyone who evokes negative emotions to tie the bracelet. Tie the bracelet on your left hand with tight knots. 

This ensures better protection and will not fall off easily. While someone is tying the red string, try to think of only positive thoughts. Once the red string is tied, recite a prayer so that the bracelet can take effect. You need to have positive thoughts during this process. Do not tie the red string if you are in a bad mood or angry at someone. 

When to remove the red string

Do not cut or remove your bracelet. Removing or cutting the red string evil eye bracelet is believed to bring you bad luck. But you don’t have to wear the string forever. The string protects and brings you luck, it absorbs all the negative energy directed towards you, so there is no fixed constrained duration of time for which you need to wear it. When you tie the red string evil eye bracelet, make sure to tie it with tight knots, and when the bracelet wears off, it will slowly fall off on its own. Wait for the bracelet to fall off on its own. 

red string evil eye

When the red string evil eye bracelet falls off on its own, it signifies that the string has fulfilled its job and has grasped all the negative energy. It means that the reason for which you have tried it has been achieved. So, instead of cutting off the bracelet, wait for it to fall off on its own. 

If you face any unexpected and unforeseen accidents or incidents in your life, it is worth trying a red string evil eye bracelet. Evil eye protection can alter your life’s course, and you could live a happy life. Though it is your decision, it sure is worth the try.

FAQs about red string evil eye bracelet

What does a red evil eye bracelet mean?

The red evil eye uses courage, enthusiasm, vitality, and protection from uncertainties and fears.

What does the red string symbolize?

The red string is highly used in many spiritual practices and festivals. The red string was done as a sign of wealth, luck, and protection as a means for people to feel attached.