Permanent Eyeliner Before and After

permanent eyeliner before and after

Permanent eyeliner, usually known as an eyeliner tattoo, is a procedure that replaces the need to wear eyeliner each day. Permanent eyeliner is made by applying ink along the lash line with a tattooing procedure to create the pattern of eyeliner. (This ink is permanent; however, it must reapply every 3-5 years.) Eyeliner tattoos come in many patterns, including very thin, natural-looking lines, bolder lines, and even winged eyeliner. So in this article, I have talked about Permanent Eyeliner Before and After.  

Advantages of Permanent Eyeliner

The advantages of getting a permanent range from removing the need for eyeliner to improving your eye shape. The procedure lasts from two to five years before having a touch-up, which is quite long in terms of beauty treatments. Moreover, as this process does not require eyelashes, it is a popular treatment for patients with thin lashes, hair loss, or alopecia who would like to enhance their eyelids.

Permanent eyeliner enhances the look of the eyes without using liquid or pencil lines – to put it differently, it makes your eyes glitter! The process also helps to improve the look of lashes that are thin in color or are lacking.

Permanent Eyeliner Before and After Procedure

Permanent eyeliner before and after
Permanent Eyeliner Before and After
  • How to Prepare Before Permanent Eyeliner Procedure

If you’re thinking about getting permanent eyeliner, visit a professional technician first to examine your decisions and know more about the procedure. There are many types to choose from, and once you’ve decided on the ideal eyeliner for you, you may continue with your treatment. Taking inspiration photos is always a good idea.

To avoid sensitivity, avoid using any allergenic skincare products (such as retinol or glycolic acid) around the eye area for a whole week before your visit. You should come to your appointment with clean skin, which is free of all cosmetics. To help you feel better and avoid twitching, some experts suggest avoiding coffee on the day before your treatment. 

To get more skincare knowledge read the article of The Modern Rules of Skin Care.

permanent eyeliner
  • What You Expect During Treatment

Over time, the technology of permanent eyeliner has been improved, and it has developed into a comfortable treatment. The procedure lasts 45 minutes to an hour, and also the area is numbed before it has been done.

The skin is slightly broken in the first pass of the needle, but you will not feel bleeding or pain if you are properly numbed. You will feel a slight buzzing on the lashes in which the needle is applying the ink—the skin is slightly broken during the first pass of the needle.

  • What You Can Expect After Permanent Eyeliner

Aftercare will discuss during your appointment, and you’ll be given a free post-op bag with all necessary information and products. Although you would not be required to take time off from work, you should plan your treatment appointments around work, social, or travel plans to allow for recovery and aftercare.

Cost for Permanent Eyeliner

Generally, the cost for Permanent Eyeliner is $475 and lasts 3-5 years, although color durability differs depending on skin type (thicker skin fades faster), lifestyle (sun exposure), body chemistry, and age. The fading process for eyeliner tattoos is quite slow, and a touch-up is usually suggested every two years. Cost for Permanent Eyeliner is half the cost of the first eyeliner procedure; however, this depends on the state of your permanent eyeliner. For example, if you put off your touch-up until the last minute and have spent a lot of time in the sun since your initial treatment, you’ll see considerable color fading and be charged extra.


How do you choose an eyeliner color?

If you wear black eyeliner every day, I recommend black because it can be bold and bold. Brown, smoky, and green tones are also popular softer colors. Navy blue, bright blue, purple, and teal are other fun colors to consider.

What happens if my permanent eyeliner disappears?

That is due to the skin’s redness and oxidation of the color. So the skin is dark during this time of healing; the color will change to fade, the skin will become transparent, and the color will bloom after two weeks. It’s not unusual for the first treatment to lose 30 to 50 percent of the color.

For the first 10 days, stop taking long, hot showers

For the first 10 days, avoid sleeping on your face. For the first 10 days, stay away from face-down swimming, lakes, and hot tubs. In the affected area, stay away from cosmetics and sunscreen.


Whether you go for a permanent eyeliner tattoo or a lash line extension, there are options for everyone who likes the beauty of eyeliner without the hassle. Must go to permanent eyeliner near me for the better result. A few factors influence your liner tattoo’s duration, and every person’s results may vary depending on their lifestyle and daily activities.