Top 14 long shorts for women to wear in this summer

long shorts for women

Summer is a favorite season for everyone to enjoy holidays, but dry weather and hot winds may damage your fun and skin. So the most confusing question is what to wear in summer to keep cool and be comfortable. Mostly, I prefer to wear shorts. Yes, different Types of Shorts for Women.

Best summertime means tees with cool jackets, shorts, sandals, beach, and sunset. But, no matter the time and place, long shorts for women are the top priority of summer wear. Shorts are the most comfortable and fashionable clothing item and always fulfill your comfort needs. 

Shorts can be worn in different ways whether you are going on a summer trip or a homestay. However, due to a lack of knowledge about the different types of shorts, choosing suitable shorts might be difficult. But you don’t have to be concerned anymore. I am going to discuss different types of shorts for women.

So check out these top recommended selections for a great addition to your summer wardrobe that offers variety.

Top 14 Types of Long Shorts For Women

Womens Knee Length Shorts

Above The Knee Shorts

Womens Long Swim Shorts

Bermuda Shorts

Outdoor Long Shorts for women

Linen Shorts

Scalloped Shorts

Printed Shorts For Ladies

Cut-off shorts

Roll-up Shorts

Capri Shorts

Jamaican short

Cycling Shorts

Dolphin short

What is the most popular length of shorts for women?

FAQs for Long Short for Women

Top 14 Types of Long Shorts For Women to Wear In This Summer

These stylish long shorts for women are part of a comfy outfit and come in different lengths. Therefore, they can be worn by women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. In addition, shorts come in such a wide range of styles and collections that no matter what your body type is, you’ll be able to find a pair that fits you perfectly! Just remember to get one that is suitable for your body.

Womens Knee Length Shorts – Most Popular Long Shorts for Women 

knee length shorts for women

Womens Knee Length Shorts are a more extended variant of mid-length shorts that make your legs look shorter. Womens Knee Length Shorts have an 11-inch leg length and go all the way down to the knees.

Short women should avoid wearing Womens Knee Length Shorts because it makes their legs shorter. However, if you have long legs, you’ll be OK! Womens Knee Length Shorts are perfect for women with baggy thighs because they hide them completely. 

Tips: Knee-Length Women’s shorts are perfect for travel and shopping. 

Above The Knee Shorts – The Best Long Shorts for Women You Can Have

Many girls love wearing shorts, but they are insecure. Don’t worry; above-the-knee shorts are the best option as above-the-knee shorts end a few inches above the knee, which keeps you properly covered.

However, above-the-knee shorts can be made to look lovely if they are made of delicate fabrics and covered. Long shorts are the perfect summer wear dress for women with chubby legs or a curvy back because they create a defined and toned figure. The best part is that no one can say these shorts don’t go with anything!

Tips:  Pair above the knee shorts with printed tees or designer cool tops with cute headbands for a relaxing day out with friends in the hot summer or for comfortable travel.

Womens Long Swim Shorts – The Most Comfortable Long Shorts

If you are wondering about suitable summer wear, womens long swim shorts are the most suitable option you have. Womens long swim shorts are just above the knee, with a high-waisted style that hides the belly button and provides excellent tummy support. 

Womens long swim shorts include a soft inner triangle brief to keep you comfortable and avoid discomfort, and the elastic clasp fits flat against your skin.

Tips: Wear these long shorts for women for your pull and beach party.

Bermuda shorts – Cozy And Classy Long Shorts

Bermuda shorts are similar to knee-length trousers with a 2 cm hem just above the knees, cuffed or uncuffed. However, long shorts with a loose waist and tight cuffs can give you a special look. The best part is that Bermuda shorts look great on every type of body shape!

Bermuda shorts are more suitable for a relaxed or casual day. Perfect for a day of shopping or traveling with your friends. You can also pair bermuda shorts with a soft top and get your housework done! 

Tips:  Bermuda shorts with a light jacket or a breezy shirt look super crazy and feel ultra comfy! 

Columbia Anytime Outdoor Long Short

The Columbia Anytime Outdoor Long Short is a must-have option for your exercise routine. These long shorts for women are designed to work against the elements during your explorations. 

Mostly Columbia Anytime Outdoor Long Short is made from multi-shade fabric that protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays and provides you multi shield protection. Furthermore, the adjustable waistband provides extra comfort and movement while letting your skin breathe. 

Tips: Pair these Columbia Anytime Outdoor Long Short with a sleeved shirt to enjoy the most intense workout in the heat.

Explore the Top Clothing fashion trend 2022 for women that enhances your style.

Linen Shorts

When talking about types of shorts for women, we can not miss discussing linen shorts. Linen is a soft fabric that looks and feels a lot like cotton. Wear your linens when it’s hot outside, and you’re not sure what types of shorts to wear. Linen shorts come in different pastel colors and you can pair them with anything.

Tips: I recommend wearing pastel linen shorts with the same pastel-colored shirt. Carry Long strap Handbags with block heels, and you are ready to go. 

Scalloped Shorts

Scalloped edges give a feminine touch to your look. In the upcoming sunny season, these cute, curved edges look great. This type of short looks super cute and easy to design at home. With no-sew DIY at home, you can save your money. 

Tips: Scalloped Shorts are suitable for a night and morning workout.

Printed Shorts For Ladies

Choose this one-piece printed short as it’s comfortable enough for both day and evening occasions. A printed short for ladies can make a big style statement with very little effort. To balance out a complex print, pair it with solid-colored clothing and accessories.

Tips: Pair printed shorts with cute headbands and medium heels.

Cut-off shorts

 Cut-off shorts are simply a more edgy version of denim shorts. In other words, cut-off shorts are a pair of jeans with thighs cut off to make them into shorts. 

Cut-off shorts have a frayed hemline for a trendy style, and they can be worn anytime and everywhere, just like denim shorts! Cut-off shorts must be included on your list of different types of shorts for your wardrobe.

Tips: Pair cut-off long shorts with a white shirt and flat sandals.

Roll-up Shorts

rollup shorts

Roll-up shorts are the most flattering shorts for women. One can guess easily by the name that roll-up shorts are rolled in one or two inches from the cuff. Whether denim, cotton, linen, or chinos, all shorts can be turned into roll-ups. 

If you’re in an artistic mood, you can do it yourself. This elegant style of shorts isn’t going out of style anytime soon. So, girl, make the most of this season by wearing those roll-up shorts!

Tips: Roll up short and go with everything. Wear a pair of high-waisted roll-up shorts and pair them with a short top or a puffed sleeve crop top.

Capri Shorts

Capri shorts are also known as Three-Quarter shorts because they cover the length of the leg from the ankle to 3 to 5 inches above the knee. These long shorts for women have become fashionable in recent years because they can be worn for any occasion. Capri shorts has an aesthetic design and are very comfortable. 

Not only summer times but Capri shorts has advantages during the rainy season also because the rain cannot get into the leg opening area. Capri shorts are available in printed capris, solid-colored capris, denim capris, patterned capris, and other styles.

Tips: Wear Capri shorts with different types of blouses, T-shirts, high or low heels, and sandals. 

Jamaican short

The Jamaican short is a type of short that covers from the crotch to the knee. It is neither too lengthy nor too short in length. These shorts are both comfortable and fashionable, and as the perfect length, they can be worn for any occasion.

Tips: Wear a Jamaican short with a shrug and lightweight accessories.

Cycling Short

Cycling shorts are long, form-fitting shorts specifically designed for cyclists to avoid chafing when cycling. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and others are blended with spandex to create these fabrics. Spandex offers optimum stretchability, resulting in wearer comfort. 

Tips: Cycling shorts are appropriate for both casual bicycling and long tours.

Dolphin short

The Dolphin short is a women’s athletic short made from nylon and includes a waistband, contrast piping, side slits, and rounded corners. It was popular among teenage girls in the 1990s. 

Tips:  Dolphin shorts are worn as sportswear by women and teen girls.

The two most popular lengths of shorts for women are listed below, although you can wear whatever length feels good to you:

Based on height, size, or age, a 4?? to 7?? inseam (length from crotch to hem) mid-length or mid-rise short is the most preferred short length. A mid-length short will touch near the tip of your most extended finger if you hold your hands to your sides. This short length looks nice with tucked-in, fitting, and loose tops and can be straight, pleated, cuffed, complete, or fitted.

A Bermuda-length or long-length short is one of the perfect options for those who like to have their thighs fully covered and still look elegant. A Bermuda short has a 10?? to 12?? inseam with a straight fit that is timeless and looks well with both tucked-in and untucked tops. 

FAQs for Long Short for Women

Q: Is long shorts for women a new trend this summer?

Ans: For 2022, long shorts for women have become one of the most in-demand, from knee-length shorts to above-the-knee shorts.

Q: What length shorts are in style for women?

Ans: Mid-length shorts are the most popular style for women.

Q: What are women's knee-length shorts called?

Ans: Women’s knee-length shorts, also called long shorts for women or Bermuda shorts.

Q: What are women's short shorts called?

Ans: Women’s short shorts are called Hot pants or Boyfriend shorts.

Q: What are long swim shorts called?

Ans: Boardshorts are a type of long swim shorts

Q: What is a good length for swim shorts?

Ans: Length for swim shorts should be between three inches above the knee to mid-thigh.


So now you get the complete guide of long shorts for women. Are you ready to buy summer shorts for your vacation? This guide will help you choose different types of shorts for your occasion.