Side Effects, Pros-Cons & Benefits of Keratin Treatment for Hair


From Models to Celebrities to your favorite TV Actresses the secret to smooth, frizzy and shiny hair is the keratin treatment for hair. This process of Keratin treatment is now more famous than it was ever before. But how much does it cost? What are keratin treatment pros and cons? Do Keratin treatments have any side effects? How long does it last? There’s a lot of mystery about it. So we are here to unravel all the mysteries related to keratin treatment and also we have given the names of the best Keratin treatment in the USA. So keep reading this article to clear all your doubts and questions about the keratin treatment. 

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In this blog post I have discussed Everything You Should Know About Keratin Treatment.

So, what exactly does Keratin treatment mean?

Keratin is an essential protein for your hair. It seals the pores in your damaged hairs.  Keratin treatment is a hair smoothening and straightening treatment by sealing hair cuticles with a coating of keratin protein. This process eliminates frizz from hair and also removes curls and adds shine to your hair. The pores in the hairs are the reason for causing frizz, tangles, and breakage of hairs. So this process focuses on putting back the lost protein in your hairs for regaining the smoothness and shine of your hairs. It can be regarded as a super-strong deep conditioner to the hairs. 

Though this procedure of hair smoothening is beneficial to all, still it is recommended more to the people with curly and fuzzy textures than to the ones having semi-straight hairs. It’s best to consult your stylist before undergoing this treatment to ensure whether you should undergo treatment or not and also which formula should be used for your hair. 

Keratin treatment and Brazilian Blowout treatment are the same? 

Some people confuse keratin treatment with the Brazilian hair blowout treatment. Though there is a difference between keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout. 

  • Brazilian hair blowout is just a hair smoothening treatment while keratin treatment is the complete solution for repairing your hair. 
  • In keratin treatment, your hair gets quite straightened while in Brazilian hair blowout your hair will retain its natural waves and curls don’t get straightened.
  • Keratin-based products are the main focus in keratin treatment while any other formulas may be used in Brazilian blowout. 
  • Keratin treatment requires time but also lasts longer and is more effective than the Brazilian haircut.
  • Brazilian blowout is a lighter option than the keratin treatment. It costs less than the keratin treatment and so it’s also not very effective. 

Benefits of Keratin treatment for hair 

There are vast benefits of keratin treatment. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Keratin coats your hair and protects them from getting damaged by sun rays and by air pollution
  1. It helps your hair to rebound and increases the strength of your hair. 
  1.  It’s a boon for the ones withholding frizzy and unmanageable hair. This treatment renders your hair frizz-free even investing in the most humid weather.
  1. It repairs your hair from all the damages due to the heat treatment that is done while styling your hair.
  1.  It makes your hair more manageable and easy to adapt to various styles.
  1.  It makes your hair visibly soft. 
  1. You can easily style your hair and it requires very little maintenance. 

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The procedure of Keratin treatment 

Keratin is good for hair and its treatment approximately requires 3 hours. So choose a day when you have ample time. In many of the Salons, you need to book a prior appointment for keratin treatment. When you visit the salon all these procedures are carried out in the following steps. 

  • Washing of Hairs-  

First, your hair is thoroughly washed with the help of shampoo.

  • Blow Dry- 

Hair is dried using a hairdryer to remove all the moisture from the hair.

  • Keratin Formula- 

Keratin formula is applied to the hair. They are left for half an hour and allowed to saturate in your hair. 

  • Hair is blow-dried again.
  • Then the hair is passed through flat iron to seal the solution on the hair. 

So, these are the basic steps followed by inherited keratin treatment. Steps may vary to a certain extent according to your hair type and the formula you choose for your hair and according to your hairstylist also. The timing of the process also depends on the length and volume of your hair. 

Post Treatment Care – 


You are going to be amazed as your curly hair after keratin treatment will be turned into super soft and silky hair. They become more manageable as compared to before. You need to take certain precautions after keratin treatment. 

  • You are not allowed to wash your hair and tie it for 72 hours after the treatment.
  • You are advised to use the sulfate-free formula of shampoo for your hair to retain keratin treatment for the longest time.
  • You should wait for the last 2-3 weeks before coloring your hair after treatment.
  • Tucking any clip or sunglasses in your hair can also leave an impression within 72 hours after the treatment.

How Long Does the Keratin Treatment Last? 

How long the Keratin treatment lasts means for how much time the keratin formula stays on your hair. This depends on the products used and of course the hair type and efforts you have taken to keep it maintained. Some keratin treatments last for 2 months while some might last as long as 6 months. You need to consult your stylist about the complete details about the formula they require going to use. On that, you will know how much time your keratin treatment is going to last. 

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Side Effects of Keratin Treatment 

Keratin treatment side effects depend on the formula your stylist is using.

  • Some of them use formaldehyde in their formulas that pose allergic reactions and respiratory problems to certain people. Wearing a mask while having treatment lessens your contact with the formaldehyde gas. 
  • Formaldehyde exposure causes cancer to grow or can also act as carcinogenic and cause itching, and scalp burns.
  • Exactly after the treatment, your hair might appear weirdly straight and it also seems like your hair has lost its volume. Though after some days of treatment, your hair looks natural.
  • Keratin salon treatments are believed to improve the texture of the hair, and strengthen hair but also over a long period they cause hair loss due to the heat treatment. 

The side effects from formaldehyde can be avoided by ensuring the products that are used by your stylist are free from formaldehyde or have safe amounts of formaldehyde in their formula. Cysteine’s best products are better for your hair than those that are based on formaldehyde. So, go with the products that are cysteine-based and combined with natural herbs, vitamins, and collagen. 


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Best Keratin treatment in the USA 

We have gone through the various keratin hair treatments available. We checked whether they contain safe amounts of formaldehyde or not. Here are the ways of getting the best keratin treatment in the USA for you. These treatments are safer to use and have no harm to you. Just go through this list and you can check the website to know more details about the different types of treatments.

1) Toni & Guy 

These are award-winning hairdressing brands with more than 55 years of experience. They provide superior hair care services. They have various branches in Texas, Colorado,  Arizona, and California.  

2) John Francis beauty

Have you ever wondered about getting the hairstyle like your favorite celebrity? John Francis beauty is the place where you need to visit to get your hair styled in the same ways as your favorite celebrity. They have specialized keratin treatment solutions to offer you skilled, nourished, and shinier hairs. Visit the Salon in Bravery hills West Hollywood USA. 

3)Hair by Guy Levi

Hair by Guy Levi is a salon based in Los Angeles California. They are specialized in providing organic keratin treatments. As people prefer to stay at home in a pandemic situation, they bring a salon to your home. It has 5-star ratings for the amazing services provided by them. If you prefer to visit the salon, remember to book a prior appointment.

4) The Smoothbar 

Situated in San Diego, CA USA. It is the Salon specialized for providing smoother shinier hairs by specialized artists. It is for sure the #1 choice keratin and Brazilian blowout treatments in the USA. The professional stylist here guides you to the keratin treatment that is best suited to your hair. 

5) Beehive Salon

If you have frizzy and curly hairstyles and want to get the perfect straight-through keratin treatment visit the Beehive Salon. They not only have keratin treatment, coloring, and styling solutions but also have care treatments for your skin and body. Situated in Seattle, WA USA. 


  1. What is the duration of the keratin treatment?

A keratin hair treatment will last up to six months, and experts can customize formula mixes to your specific hair type and needs. Depending on your hair length and thickness, hair texture, and the therapy formula used, the treatment might take anything between two to four hours. 

  1. Will sweat damage a keratin treatment?

There’s no need to be worried about sweating once your keratin treatment has gone into effect. First, pull your hair into a ponytail while working out again to keep it out of your face. Otherwise, everything must be good. Sweaty hair will dry without frizzing, which would be apparent to women who are used to sweat destroying their styles. 

  1. Is keratin treatment good for thinning hair?

Keratin treatments can help with frizz, color enhancement, and straightening or controlling wavy hair, making it look shinier and healthier. A keratin treatment may be beneficial if you do have thin, rough, or curly hair. However, keratin treatments might not have been the ideal style option for thin hair that is fine or straight.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about keratin treatments. Whether you want to have frizz-free hair or want to straighten your hair, you can surely opt for the keratin treatment. Without a doubt, keratin is the best solution to tame the-frizz frizz your dry hairs. Choose the one that suits your hair type best or you can also consult your stylist before the keratin treatment and know about the products they are going to get the smooth silky hair with a few hours of the keratin treatment.