Wondering How to Have a Keratin Treatment At Home? We Got You Back!!

In this blog post, I have discussed what is a keratin treatment and how to do a Keratin treatment at home very effectively.

Every woman desires smooth and healthy hair, but all are not lucky. Why? Half of the women complain about curly and frizzy hair because curly and frizzy hair causes many hair problems. 

With Keratin treatment, you can make your hair more smooth but the question is how to do Keratin treatment? If you are unknown about this term, continue reading to understand what is Keratin treatment and how to do Keratin  treatment at home.

What Is a Keratin Treatment?

The Keratin treatment is one of the most effective and popular hair straightening treatments that transform your frizzy hair into a smooth, straight, and healthy hair. 

Like other protein treatments, Keratin treatment helps to repair your damaged hair. It repairs damaged hair areas, gives shine, reduces frizz, and makes your hair more beautiful. 

Keratin treatment increases your hair in different ways, including giving moisture to the roots, making them more smooth, silky, strong, and lustrous.

When you do Keratin treatment at home, you must know about the right process of treatment, keratin treatment before and after, and correct keratin treatment products. 

Remember to read before Keratin must-read instructions of the given label on products. Are you ready to know the secret of your hair treatment? Let’s discuss some steps to do a Keratin treatment at home.

How to Do Keratin Treatment at Home Step by Step

Step 1: Wash your hair with keratin treatment products

hair washing - keratin treatment

Before Keratin treatment, you must wash your hair with good Keratin-infused shampoo because good keratin treatment products nourish your hair and do not rip off nutrients from them. Keratin treatment helps you with the ill effects of keratin treatment before and after. 

Before starting the process, you need to wash your hair two times, and if your hair is extremely curly, you need to wash it three times. Ensure at this step do not use a conditioner and completely wash your hair.

Step 2: Apply the hair massager in your hair and massage it

hair massage for keratin

Dry your hair lightly with a towel and leave it slightly wet so that the product can absorb easily. Spread the Keratin treatment on your strands, starting from the tips to the top. Keep in mind do not use and massage on the scalp and end one inch before the scalp. Massage the product into your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Comb your hair

hair combing

Comb your hair after applying the product to your hair with a wide-tooth comb. Make sure the product is equally spread on your hair and that no hair is left out. Compared to a fine-tooth comb, you need to use a wide-tooth comb because it provides less friction. The wide-tooth comb process makes gentles to the hair.

Step 4: Rinse and blow-dry your hair

hair drying for keratin treatment

After 30 minutes:

1.  Wash your hair completely with only cold water.

2.  Ensure no product residue is left, as it causes dandruff.

3.  After a complete hair wash, Blow-dry your hair.

4.  Before going on to the next step, make sure your hair is totally dry.

 Step 5: Iron your hair

hair ironing

Once your hair is completely dry, divide them into small parts and straighten them with a straightener. To ensure that Keratin is fully incorporated into each cell of your hair, you should iron your hair properly. It’s important to iron your hair one part at a time.

Step 6: After 48 hours, wash your hair.

hair wash after keratin treatment

When your hair is ironed, dry your hair completely for the next 48 hours. It helps the treatment to absorb into your hair for the long term.

Make your hair loose and not put it behind your ear or tie your hair into a ponytail because it can cause a wave. Lastly, after 48 hours, wash your hair with a Keratin shampoo and conditioner.

Step 7: Apply a hair serum

apply hair serum after keratin treatment

It is important to care for your hair after Keratin treatment. To keep them smooth and shiny, apply the serum after each wash. Use the correct shampoo and conditioner to maintain your hair for the long term.

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Is Keratin Treatment Good for My Hair?

Keratin hair treatment is safe sometimes, and its chemicals might cause minor discomfort or negative effects. If you take proper treatment and follow proper instructions, your hair will not be damaged. Use keratin treatment products  designed specifically for keratin-treated hair before and after Keratin.

Is it possible to get a Keratin Treatment if my hair is colored?

Yes, you can get this treatment even if your hair is colored, and it can help improve the quality and texture of your colored hair.

Is Keratin treatment affecting my straightening hair?

If you are wondering about keratin treatment before and after effects. it depends on the type of keratin treatment you choose and keratin treatment products . If you choose the ‘Smooth Medium’ keratin treatment for curly hair, it will tame the curls, but if you want to straighten your hair, you can choose the ‘Smooth Intense’ treatment.


I hope you have got the answer to what is Keratin treatment, and keratin treatment before and after. A Keratin treatment can completely transform your frizzy hair into a smooth and shiny hair. With the help of this guide, you can easily do a Keratin treatment at home and complete your look. So do not wait to buy your favorite Keratin treatment kit and be ready to see your new side.