How to Use a Hair Serum | Benefits and Disadvantages

how to use a hair serum benefits and disadvantages

Getting one’s hands on the best hair serum can transform your perspective! Consider a hair serum as a hair therapy; it can solve various hair issues, from frizz to dryness to effectively managing. It is not sufficient, however, only to include hair serum in the hair care routine. It is also essential to use the right time and way for hair serums. First, how frequently one should use the hair serum is what needs to be addressed. This is the primary requirement after selecting the right hair serum to get full benefits from the hair serum. How can a hair serum work in your hair care routine? Hesitant about its usage? A brief guide has been depicted down for your reference.    

In this blog post, we have discussed how to use a hair serum – its benefits and disadvantages and all things you should be knowing about hair serum. 

One will be provided with the following information:

  • What Exactly Is A Hair Serum? 
  • Top Hair Serum Benefits
  • Disadvantages of Hair Serum and Its Adverse Effects 
  • How To Use Hair Serum
  • How often to use hair serum
  • Types of serum for hair.
  • When buying a Hair Serum, what to look for? 
  • What Exactly Is A Hair Serum?
hair serum benefits

Hair serum is primarily a liquid hair care product that contains silicone, ceramides, and amino acids. Despite being a liquid, it has a thicker consistency than water. Hair serums aren’t just for styling your hair. They can be used as a styling tool to treat a variety of hair issues. Treats a variety of hair issues, including dry hair, dull hair, and unmanageable hair.

  •  Top Hair Serum Benefits

 1) Hair Growth Stimulator

Contamination, dust, heavy rains can make the hair split and become lifeless and dull. A hair serum combats all of these external agents and revitalizes the hair. This triggers the dead hair follicles to start the growth of new hair. 

2) Hair Roots Nourishment

Hair serums rejuvenate follicles of the hair. It supports the root strength of the hair and supplies the scalp with necessary minerals. The hair serum offers optimal results for all hair types.

 3) Reduce Excessive Hair fall

Active components of serums can contribute to the reduction of hair loss and provide root strength. Certain types of serum even protect the hair strands by covering them with silicone layering and strengthening them by thickening the hair base.   

4) Boosts Shine

This is one of the best advantages of using hair serums. The magnificence of hair serums lies in their ability to provide brightness and shine to the hair, which can be seen by applying the serum immediately after each wash.

5) Untangled Hair 

Traveling often or staying outside for more extended periods can cause one’s hair to become messy, unmanageable, and uneasy to carry. Brushing the hair with knots can cause breakages and weaken the hair roots.  Hair Serum supports brushing and glides and leads to hair being free from tangling.

6) Blow-Drying Protection

Apart from getting your hair dry, it may damage your hair severely. Thus, before drying, a layer of serum may help to prevent breakage and dryness of hair.

7) Gets Easy Styling

The hair serum makes hair handy and free of tangles and friction. After shampoo and hair serum, it can be harsh to style hair. The serum gives a uniform hair texture and makes styling easy. You can try a simple hairstyle to complicated hairstyles with the help of hair serums.

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  •  Disadvantages of Hair Serum and Its Adverse Effects 
  • Certain disadvantages of hair serum are something that one needs to be aware of:
  • One of the drawbacks of using a hair serum is the tricky application of hair serum. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to resolve anything by taking some precautions.
  • You may also get used to using a hair serum because your hair could get dry and sweat without it. 
  • You have to make sure it’s too bad for your hair because it can make your hair oily.
  • Selecting the suitable serum for hair is highly crucial as serums with silicones may cause a great deal of hair loss in the long run.
  • Some of the majorly observed side-effects are:
  • Unhealthy, dry hair. 
  • Troublesome hair and brand changes requirements.
  • Scalp that is inflamed or oily.
  • Significant issues of hair loss.
  •  How To Use A Hair Serum
how to use a hair serum
  • Apply your hair serum to clean, wet or damp hair for the best results.
  • Fill your hand with 1- 2 droplets of hair serum.
  • Warm up your serum for 5 seconds between your hands.
  • Apply to your hair, from the ends to the central core of your hair strands.
  • The amount depends on the length of the hair. 
  • Try to spread the product evenly all over the tresses.
  • Do not apply serum to your roots or use too much on your hair, as it may lead to greasy hair.
  • Be mild to apply serum to your hair. Prevent hair pulls, which can damage your hair.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the serum from the center point of your strands until the end once you have finished applying the serum.
  • As usual, style your hair.
  • You can use a serum to tackle your hair if required all day.
  • Remember always not to apply it on dirty, frizzy hair before you use hair serum. This can cause dandruff and a foul odor in your scalp area.

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  •  How often to use hair serum

How often and how long hair serum can be used depends on many aspects. For example, the texture of your hair, the type of serum, or the purpose for which it is used. But the use of hair serums is perfect for lunch, parties, functions, or for any other occasion. Daily application is not recommended as it can seriously affect hair health.

  • Hair Serum for Dry & Frizzy type: 

Use a little of the product before making any hairstyle or leave it daily or every two to three days, as actually required.

  • Hair serum before every hairstyling: 

Every time before using such appliances, don’t forget to use a heat-protective hair serum. The use of hair serum protects your hair from the intense heat by providing a thin protective shield around the cuticles in your hair. 

  • Hair Structure: 

How frequently you use serum also depends on your hair’s thick or thin structure. Identify the hair structure and apply the hair serum regularly to thick hair. But use it at a minimum on thin hair.

  • Hair texture: 

Before using hair serum, hair texture is also essential as it can also affect the frequency with which you apply hair serum. Straight hair may not require daily hair serum. But extremely wavy, curly hair or kinky hair could need more hair serum.

  •  ?Types of serum for hair

 Here are few readily available hair serums on the market:

  • Oil-Based Serum: The essential oils and carrier oils such as almond oil, argan oil, and coconut oil are infused with such serums. They are highly concentrated and rich since they have no water content. It’s best for dry, untouchable hair.
  • Curl-Defining Serum: These serums are incredibly lightweight because the curls may weigh more if composed of thick serums. They even contribute to the bouncy appearance of your hair, and the bits help flaunt the Natural curls better.
  • Spray Serum: Such serums are the best way to use them on the go. Provides salon-like hair everywhere and anytime. They are thus ideal for taking on trips.
  • Water-based Serum:  A water-based serum is the best way for you if one has very thin hair. It doesn’t weigh your hair but leaves it sleek and gorgeous.
  • Serums For Hair Issues: Many serums are designed to address specific problems such as hair loss, low viscosity, fizziness, etc. Such serums have ingredients like avocado oil, vitamin E, argan oil, cocoa oil, and essential extracts nourishing and rejuvenating.
  • Silicone-Based Hair Serums: If the hair serum is very weak and breakable, it smoothes your hair instantly and causes gloss.
  • When buying a Hair Serum, what to look for?

Keeping these points in mind when purchasing a hair serum can assist in selecting the right hair product.

1. Hair Concern

Serums in the hair are used to tackle various hair problems. Frizz control, volumizing, and thermal protective serums will be available on the market. Some products add sparkle, lower dryness, or repair damage to the hair. Choose a product that suits your hair.

2. Check the components 

Look for a dimethicone serum or any silicone-based hair serum to control friction. Go for a high protein protein-rich one if you’re looking for a hair repair serum. You can buy one that contains natural oils, such as argan oil or macadamia oil if you’re trying to add glistening and shine to your hair.

The following guide should be followed if one wants to determine how to choose the suitable hair serum.

  • For split-end applications: Keratin serum to repair the damage.
  • For protection against heat and pollution: A lightweight lavender serum or jojoba oils.
  • For hair curly: serum with Jojoba oil, argan oils, sweet almond oil for intensive hydration.
  • For thick, textured hair: serum for extra hydration with Argan or Moroccan oil.
  • For too dry hair: a cream-based serum that can be used over the day.
  • For dyed hair: light cream with jojoba, argan, coconut oil, and green tea extracts serum.

FAQ for Hair Serum

Is hair serum harmful to hair?

Remember that serums include chemicals that can damage your hair if used for an extended time. They may cause hair loss and breakage. Some hair serums can affect hair to be dry. Reduce the number of times you use mane serum to avoid adverse side effects.

How do you use hair serum?

Rub your palms on after putting 2-6 drops of serum on them. It’s never a great idea to apply a serum with your fingers. To put the serum to your hair, use a soft paddle brush. Hair serum must apply after downing your hair’s length.

Is hair serum better than oil?

No. Hair serum is just a fashion item that gives shine and softness to your hair, whereas hair oil has been used to maintain and promote hair health.

Can we apply oil after applying hair serum?

Generally, you can oil your hair before washing this and apply hair serum after. However, if your hair is dehydrated and frizzy, you use a small amount of oil as a finish after using hair serum.


Ensure that your serum comes with natural and skin-friendly ingredients to protect against further damage to your hair. High chemical products can damage your hair, so you need to explore in-depth the components before you purchase a hair serum from you.