How to Make Soft & Shinier Hair From Dull Hair

how to make soft and shinier hair

The shiniest hairs are simply unique. You’ll like to play with your fingers every day if your hairstyle is smooth and hydrated. Is it second nature for you to be worried about your dull hair? You’re not alone if you’ve gone to great lengths to have the shiniest, shiny hair. Over washing and chemical build are two of the major causes of dull hair. On the other hand, it is not tough to get lustrous hair.

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Meaning of Dull Hair

Hair that lacks moisture and naturally shiniest is known as dull. So when hair does not get or keep sufficient moisture, it becomes dull. Dryness, frizziness, and a rough texture are all signs of dull hair. Dull hair can be caused by various reasons, including the use of inefficient hair care products, a lack of nutrients in your diet, and the misuse of dangerous chemicals. However, there are particular ways and home therapies for turning dull hair into shiny, bright hair. 

Causes of Dull Hair

Before you try any treatments for dull hair, you should first find out what it’s affecting it. Then, a detailed strategy to dull hair can help you in selecting the best remedy.

  •  A diet low in essential nutrients
  • Heat styling with an excessive heat energy
  • Overexposure to the sun
  • Hair Care products with harsh chemicals
  • Changes in hormones during pregnancy

In this article, I have talked about How to Make soft and shinier hair from dull hair.

Conditioning your hair

Hair Conditioning to make shiniest hair

Hair that reflects light and shinier is known as shiny hair. Smoother parts, as you’ve observed, shine brighter than rough surfaces. Conditioning your hair after hair specialists recommend every wash. Conditioners can smoothen the soft hair, which is the hair’s outer part, right away. It also helps in the natural protection of the cortex, which would be the hair’s inner part. Conditioning can also keep your hair from tangles and damage. It can help restore the buoyancy of your hair with regular use.

Wash your hair regularly

Hair wash for soft hair

Dryness is common with dull hair. So, while washing your hair every day may not be a good idea, many experts recommend washing your hair every 2-3 days as a general rule. Use a mild clarifying shampoo to clean dirt and product build without damaging your soft hair of its natural oils.

Choose the Correct Products

choose perfect hair products for shiny hair

It’s essential to match your type of hair to your hair care routine and products. Whereas the right shampoo and conditioner can play a huge role in your shiny hair, many wrong ones can cause serious damage. So keep in mind the type and structure of your soft hair while selecting hair products. It’s also a great way to avoid products that contain dangerous chemicals, sulfates, or parabens.

products that contain dangerous chemicals, sulfates, or parabens.

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Use of Products Properly

use hair products to make shinier hair

The most common cause of dull hair is improper shampoo rinsing, which can lead to product build. According to experts, wash your hair till the water is clean and clear of soap bubbles. Conditioner should not be used on the roots of your hair because it weighs it down or makes it appear dull and dry. Use the only conditioner on your hair’s mid-lengths and tips.

Care Your Hair Ends

hair ends for healthy hair

After you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, uneven and messy ends can make it appear not very interesting. Broken ends can be avoided by trimming your hair every 8-12 weeks. Before blow-drying or heat styling your hair, ensure using a heat protection spray or serum.

Some treatments also help to make your hair shinier from dull hair such as Keratin Treatments, here read about Side Effects, Pros-Cons & Benefits of Keratin Treatment for Hair.

Drying Towels

hair drying towels

Damage is more likely to happen when hair is wet. For example, rubbing your hair repeatedly with a towel can significantly damage it, leading to breakouts, breakage, and hair loss. To properly towel dry your hair, drain out any extra water, then carefully wipe small sections with such a soft, cotton towel.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase to Make Your Hair Shiniest

Sleep on a silk pillowcase to Make Your Hair Shiniest

A minor change to your routine will have a significant impact on your hair. Buy in a silk pillow cover rather than your current pillowcase. It’s an excellent way to prevent the discomfort that comes from shifting and turning in bed.

Make Use Of The Correct Brush 

hair brush for dull hair

Brushes with a lot of space between the bristles, such as round or flat brushes, are great for dull hair.

Use Sunflower Oil

sun flower hair oil for shiny hair

Vitamins, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids abound in sunflower oil. It has the advantage of quickly soaking into the scalp. Before shampooing, consider hydrating your scalp and hair with sunflower oil.


What is the key to having silky hair?

Wash your hair only twice a week and use dry shampoo in between washes until your natural hair and scalp oils are balanced. In addition, only use warm water on your hair—never hot. If your hair is colored or bleached, cold water is even better.

Is it better to have soft hair or not?

When you brush your fingers through your hair, it will be silky and soft hair if it has been properly hydrated. If not, your hair has become challenging due to the dryness, breaking at the ends.

What are some home remedies for soft hair?

Place three tablespoons of Coconut Oil in a bowl and warm for a few seconds till just warm. Massage this warm oil into your scalp for 15 minutes with your fingertips. Put a shower cap on your hair for 20 minutes. Wash with cold water and a light shampoo.


When hair is dry and damaged, it usually appears lackluster and drab. Keeping the health of your scalp, increasing your protein intake, and using a deep conditioning treatment for your scalp and hair regularly all can restore your shape.