Half And Half Hair Color Products

half and half hair color

Half and half hair color means when you color half of your hair one color and the other hair another shade. It’s perfect for people who like to stand out in a crowd. Two tone hair color is the trend for you if you want your hair to be as unique and special as you are. 

But how to create a quick half and half hair color style? Here I analyzed and made the top five products that transform your look to the next level. Keep reading to know everything you need to know about two tone hair color products. 

5 Half and Half Hair Color Products you Should Try 

  1. Dark Blonde, 4.2-oz., from PUREBEAUTY Salon & Spa
dark blonde hair color

This hair color will help if you look for a professional half blonde half black hair color. Color foam is semi-permanent and uses direct dyes to give strong, half blonde half black hair. It provides a more attractive and sparkling color result. You get your half blonde half black hair color results in just 5 minutes. 

2. COLOR WOW- Root Cover Up, 0.07-oz.

wow root cover up

COLOR WOW Root Cover Up Medium Brown is the best color that instantly hides unattractive roots and regrowth. The unique mineral powder touch-up contains colors that blend smoothly with hair and give perfect, non-greasy coverage to leave you confident. In addition, it has a mess-free, easy-to-apply formula. It provides a completely natural result. This water-resistant formula is available in five different colors.

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3. KMS- Velvet Berry, 5.1-oz Color Spray

kms hair color

Do you want a quick half hair color result? This Style Color Spray is a temporary hair color that gives your swift effect. Remember to use this spray before applying any heat tools to your hair. This water-resistant formula is available in five different colors. If you want dark and light two-tone hair color, this waterproof color is the best option.  

4. KMS- Nude Peach, 5.1-oz. Color Spray

kms half and half hair color

Style Color sprays help you quickly change your hair color without a long-term commitment! This water-resistant temporary color is polysilicon-9 and will not transfer to clothing. This spray-on hair color can be used before using heat equipment. In addition, it gives flexible, non-sticky hair a light grip. This two tone hair color spray has a light, pleasant scent and a smooth texture.  

5. Goldwell-Sahara Blonde, 4.2-oz

two tone hair color

Color foam is semi-permanent and uses direct dyes to create bold, colorful effects. It gives a more attractive and sparkling two tone hair color result. It is a great way to refresh your color at home.

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Is half black, half white hairstyle trending?

Ans: Yes, half black, half white hair has become popular among teen girls.

Does hair color damage your hair?

Ans: Yes, but if you choose the correct product, it is never harming your hair.

What is half and half hair called?

Half and half hair colors are known as a split dye and it is one of the most trending hairs fashion and style trending in 2022.

Can I dye my hair in 2 different colors?

Yes, you can dye your hair in two different colors. You can try more than two colors too if you are comfortable with it and want to stand out in the crowd.


So are you ready to create a half and half hair color? So choose any product from the above list and hit your summer vacation with a trendy and cool look.