Funny Halloween Costumes for Women’s

funny womens halloween costumes

Halloween is supposed to be a night of creepy surprises, bizarre fights, and twisted thrills. We also enjoy killing the disguise game’s hilariously unique, pun-filled get-ups, even though we love all the spooky outfits. So consider ditching the “attractive” look in favor of that much fun this year. Scroll down for the most hilariously funny Halloween gothic costumes ideas, which are all certain to make you laugh. These aesthetic Halloween costumes ideas are creative, easy to make, and don’t take much work or money. So in this article, I have talked about Funny Womens Halloween Costumes.  

Funny Womens Halloween Costumes Ideas

  • Greek Goddess
Greek Goddess - devil halloween costume

Turn yourself into the famous serial killer Chucky from the Child’s Play movie if you’re searching for a slightly terrifying women’s Halloween costume idea. This female counterpart of a male character will offer you a shady persona, and that’s best paired with a fake plastic knife and fake blood.  

  • Pretty Pirate
aesthetic halloween costumes

Pirate costumes are the most popular fancy dress options every year. They’re suitable for both men and women of any age. In addition, it has various costume options, unlike all the other outfit types, from dashing pirate wenches to majestic female pirate captains with frilled dresses and show-off hats. So choose a lovely pirate costume and go on a treasure hunt for some entertainment.  

You know what, makeup is the key part of your Halloween party! Nowadays, eye shadow is on-trend, so if you want to try different eyeshadows and don’t know how to apply them, then read Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners | Eye Shadow And Makeup Looks. 

  • Pink Halloween Costumes
pink halloween costumes

The pink color has a way of making us feel all warm and cozy inside. A touch of pink always enhances our day, if it’s because of the color’s vibrant and bold color or because of its powerful meaning of global love of oneself.  

That’s why we’re all about the Pink Halloween Costumes this year. And there are no Pink Halloween Costumes that we don’t like, whether it’s Elle Wood’s iconic pink outfits from Legally Blonde or a basic pink Crayola crayon costume. So go through your closets and get some pink stuff while you still can! And wear your favorite Pink Halloween Costumes to hit your Halloween party.

Nowadays, devil Halloween costumes are trending among teen girls, so if you love to wear trendy and stylish devil costumes this Halloween, keep reading this article: Devil Halloween Costume for Girls.

  • Mystical Crypt Mummy
womens scary halloween costumes

In a magical crypt mummy costume, cover yourself up and prepare to party like it’s 3000 BC. A mummy is not only a traditional Halloween gothic costume but also looks attractive, shows a little flesh, and it will make your pals laugh as you walk around the dancefloor. So this All Hallows Evening, rise from your Egyptian sarcophagus and then have a great time.

  • Maleficent
halloween gothic costumes

When it comes to costume, a scary villain queen is always a real stunner. Why not skip the princess look this year and adopt Maleficent’s attitude? As you change into the most iconic Disney villains of the past year, step back and then let the outfit speak for itself. It’s a Halloween costume for women that’s right on trend for the year 2021.

  • Popstars & Rock Stars
Popstars and Rock Stars halloween costumes

Spice up your mood with a Spice Girls costume, which is ideal for a group of girls, or imagine yourself as a pop icon like Madonna. There are many options for pop celebrity and rock star Halloween costumes, so you can even make your own. Ariana Grande was a popular option in 2020, and then we’re excited to see what 2021 has in store. Take center stage in a song’s costume and finish the outfit with a microphone or instrument accessories.  

  • Dark Alice In Wonderland
halloween costumes for girls

Go to the darkness with a steamy, spooky part on the famous Alice in Wonderland tune. These scary yet colorful versions of traditional fairy-tale aesthetic Halloween costumes will also have everyone’s mind racing, whether you’re attending a mad hatters tea party or going out for a Halloween night out! The line-up includes the Dark Mad Hatter, Alice, and the Queen of Hearts.

  • Circus superstar
circus costumes for girls - halloween

This Halloween, you became the party’s leader by getting dressed up like a beautiful, stylish circus act. The funny womens Halloween costumes available are ringmasters, jesters, clowns, and some of the circus’s more daring stunts. Knife throwers, lion tamers, showgirls, and trapeze performers will make a show which will match The Greatest Performer.

  • Clueless Cher And Dionne

Return to high school with Cher and Dionne, as shown in the classic 1990s film Clueless. These funny characters’ outfits are ideal for a pair of girlfriends looking for a funny womens Halloween costume idea. The movie is a hit after 25 years, and everyone knows who you are! All you have to do is put on their clothes and apply makeup and hair.   

  • Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, the ruthless and frequently crazy vigilante, takes no introduction. She’s been a firm favorite in the Batman Gotham City universe for a long time, or she’ll be getting her movie in 2020. So dress up like Harley Quinn from the Birds of Prey movie and go for the Suicide Squad’s iconic red and blue jacket look. She’s smart, witty, as well as the funny womens Halloween costumes for 2021. So if you’re going to a party with your lover, why not have them dress up as that of the Joker? 


What does the meaning of Halloween costumes mean?

The concept that supernatural beings or the souls of the dead walked the earth at this time may explain why we dress up for Halloween. The custom may have started during a Celtic festival celebrated on the 31st of October–the 1st of November to mark the start of the winter season.

Who owns the Halloween spirit?

Spirit Halloween LLC is a Halloween-themed store throughout the United States that sells decorations, costumes, props, and accessories. It is located in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, and was established in 1983. Spencer Gifts obtained the store in 1999; now, it has 60 seasonal locations.

Is it okay to dress up for Halloween at work?

Wearing a “work-safe” outfit should be a key priority. Challenging or political costumes, and those that make fun of someone in your office, are explicitly banned. But, especially if you have a casual office or a close-knit team, fall on the side of concern about provocative or offensive costumes. 

Final Words:

Now that we’ve provided you with some of the best funny womens Halloween costumes ideas, all you have to do is plan a large Halloween party with your friends! Get your friends and dress up as a group theme, or come up as a group to the party. Many of these ideas can use on their own. Once you’ve chosen your Halloween costume, finish your look with makeup, jewelry, and other fancy dress props and accessories.