Top 5 Eyeliner Looks, Styles, & Eyeliner Brand that Makes your Day

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Eyeliner isn’t a popular makeup item. Eyeliner looks will not only transform the look of your face from modest to gorgeous, but it could also transform your eyes, making them look bigger, more elevated, wider, or rounder. Not all eye shapes, like skin tone and hair type, are the same. Applying eyeliner ideas and products easily improves your almond-shaped, monolid, round, or hooded eyes. 

Make the most of your eyeliner with these must-have looks for everyone. Continue reading about the most iconic eyeliner and eyeliner styles that every girl wants to know.

Unique Eyeliner Styles, Ideas And Top Eyeliner Brands

1. Floating Crease Look

The floating crease eyeliner has become one of the most popular eyeliner styles. It’s unique, eye-catching, and fashionable. Start at the inner corner of the eye and work way to the outside corners, slightly above the crease. You can choose between a black or a vividly colored one. 

This look is best created with a great liquid liner. A good bright color will get people’s attention, so go for it.

  • Recommend Eyeliner to Create This Look

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, 0.1 oz

This eyeliner is perfect for your floating crease look. This award-winning long-lasting eyeliner makes your eyeliner look perfect, and it’s available in 5 different colors. The best thing about this eyeliner is a liquid liner with the ease of a gel-based solution and gives an 8-hour waterproof result. 

This gel formula is highly pigmented and gives soothing effects. It is easy to apply, long-lasting, and does not smudge or fade.

2. Glitter Eyeliner Looks

These eyeliner ideas are loved by every party girl and woman. To create a glitter eyeliner look, use a glitter eyeliner pen or put a glittery eyeshadow over the eyeliner to add some sparkle. 

Apply the sparkly eyeshadow while the glitter eyeliner has been moist to ensure that the glitter stays.

  • Recommend Eyeliner to Create This Look

24H Drama Liqui-Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

This long-lasting liquid eyeliner pencil is perfect for creating a glitter eyeliner look. A long-lasting hybrid gel eyeliner offers stunning and vivid color. When first applied, the creamy and smooth texture is smudgeable for an easy smokey eye, but once set, it does not smudge, flake, fade, or spread. It stays for 24 hours. It is available in eight colors and three different styles, including matte, metallic and glitter.

3. The Classic Winged Liner

Everybody wants to achieve beautiful eyeliner looks and never go out of style. There are many ways to create these eyeliner styles; you can find thousands of hacks and eyeliner ideas on the internet to create the perfect winged eyeliner looks. To look nicest, create this look using liquid eyeliner.

  • Recommend Eyeliner to Create This Look

Stay All Day Dual-Ended Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

This eyeliner is popular for creating winged eyeliner styles. This best-seller waterproof liquid liner is available in two different black shades. This liner creates any look from a thin line to a bold and wing eyeliner. It applies without skipping, smudging, or pulling.

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4. The Quirky Reverse Winged Eyeliner

You can also try the quirky reverse-winged eyeliner styles with the traditional wing. You can now draw the wing inwards and fly. Make sure your focus is on your lower lash while doing this. The right formula is important here, so make sure you choose one that works. This look is perfect for a cocktail party or a girls’ night out.

  • Recommend Eyeliner to Create This Look

Eye Defining Pen

Bring this eyeliner to create Quirky Reverse Winged Eyeliner. This unique, dual-ended liquid liner completes the seductive look with outstanding shine. The accuracy of this dual-ended liquid eyeliner is unrivalled. It’s made in the darkest shade of black, so it’ll give you ultimate precision and make a smooth liner. 

It has a fine sharp tip on one end and a brush on the other so that you can create everything from classic, sleek lines to dramatic wing tips or a smoldering doe eye.

5. Mermaid Style Fishtail

This lovely style is both classical and modern at the same time. Draw a simple thin  wing and a mirroring line on your bottom lash. It’s great for a party or a brunch date, especially if it’s bright and colorful. This look will look more elegant with a blue liquid gel liner.

  • Recommend Eyeliner to Create This Look

Artliner Liquid Eyeliner

This long-lasting liquid eyeliner is made up of a single blend of two foaming materials that ensure that every look will last. Color pigments that are rich, deep, and bright provide the most intense color, and the eyeliner’s sharp tip provides for perfect shaping and definition of the eyes. It is perfect to create a colorful fishtail liner.


Is it possible to apply eyeliner to the entire top eyelid?

Keep the liner on the top lid for a more lifted, young look. If you want to go for it, put a lighter color on the bottom lash line than on the top lash line. It will still outline your shape, but it will be softer and more attractive.

Is it correct that top eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger?

How you apply eyeliner, and the shade you choose can make your eyes look larger or smaller. Using inky black liner to rim your eyes makes them look smaller than they are. A light color expands your eyes by making them look bigger.

Is it better to use eyeliner or mascara first?

It’s better to apply eyeliner before mascara so that your lashes don’t get in the way and you don’t get mascara on your fingers while applying the eyeliner. Mascara is always used as a final touch.


I hope you like these above-eyeliner ideas and eyeliner. Even if you are wearing the simplest makeup, eyeliners improves your look and give you a more amazing effect. When it comes to your makeup routine, a few eyeliner ideas helps to improve the definition of your facial features.