Different Types of Eyeliner Looks, Eyeliner Styles, and Ideas

types of eyeliner looks, styles and ideas

Women love to use eyeliner styles. It is incredible how much a small line on the eyes can change your whole look. If you are not using eyeliner, now is the right time to try different types of eyeliner looks and try some trending eye looks such as white eyeliner looks, brown eyeliner looks, and red eyeliner looks.  

If you are a beginner and confused, then it is okay. There are different types of eyeliner looks available, and you can pick one of your favorite eyeliner styles.

I have created a list of my favorite eyeliner ideas. So grab your eyeliner and get ready to complete your makeup goals. Because it’s too trendy to apply eyeliner, in the same way, all the time, try different types of eyeliner looks to create a fresh and new look.

Different Types of Eyeliner Looks Styles and Eyeliner Ideas

  • Classic Cat Eye Look:
cat eyeliner look and style

Create a cat-eye with brown eyeliner looks that can completely transform your look. Follow our eyeliner ideas and use gel or liquid liner to get flawless results. Start with drawing a narrow line from your inner eye outward. When you go outwards, thicken it by stretching it upwards and outwards from the outside corner of the eye. Then go over your lower lash line with a liner. To create dramatic eyeliner styles, add mascara to the look. This cat-eye look with brown eyeliner looks perfect for your night-out party.

  • Red eyeliner looks with double wing liner

Red eyeliner looks feature thin, long-lined wings that could be created on one corner of the eye or extended in a single line from both ends. Apply it on the tops and bottoms of the eyelids, spreading outwards from the corners. This red eyeliner looks simple and fashionable. This red eyeliner looks perfect for your valentine’s day party.

  • Sleek Winged Eyeliner:
winged eyeliner

This one is another eyeliner ideas that is perfect for the beginner. The best thing about this winged liner is ideal for day or night. Follow the given steps to create this easy, sleek winged eyeliner look:

  • Apply eyeliner in the inner corner of your eye and carefully line your upper lash line.
  • Create a smudge-free finish by spreading the liner a bit past the outer corner of your eye.
  • Leave your lower lash line naked, or apply a nude pencil on it to make your eyes pop. You can use brown eyeliner to create a brown eyeliner looks.
  • Smudge It:

What is the most attractive part of the smudge look? It looks better if it is a mess. You can choose smudge to create the proper out-of-bed eye makeup look. Eyeliner with a smudger is an essential part of this look. Use an eyeliner pencil to line your upper and lower lash line and smudge them smoothly. That is the right and easy way to create a smudged look.

Are you an eyeshadow lover but do not know how to do it? We have a solution for your question, continue reading and follow Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners | Eye Shadow And Makeup Looks for complete guidance of eyeshadow.

  • Thin Liner:
thin eyeliner ideas

This eyeliner is perfect for those who want their eyeliner minimum. This eyeliner is thin and barely visible, so you look simple after applying this. I recommend using gel or liquid lined to create a perfect thin liner. Draw a good thin line just over your upper lash line. Must use a nude pencil on your waterline. Use mascara and curl your lashes to make your eyes stand out.

  • Double Winged Liner:

If a simple winged liner is not enough for you, then give your eyes a double dose of eyeliner. Once you’ve perfected the single wing, align your bottom lash line as close to the lashes as possible and stretch it into a wing as well. You can create white eyeliner looks using a white eye pencil or an eyeshadow. At your Christmas lunch or dinner party, try this dazzling look.

  • Vintage Smudge:

This Christmas, did you think of attending a 90’s theme party? If yes, try this vintage smudge, which is the perfect way to wear your eyeliner to create a retro look. To make this retro eyeliner look, draw a thin outline on the black eyeliner’s upper and lower lash lines. To create a vintage smudge look for your eyes, wet an eyeshadow brush and dip it in black eye shadow.

  • White Corners

Are you hesitant to try white eyeliner looks? If yes, then without any fear and hesitation try this new trendy white eyeliner looks and make your look different. To create white eyeliner looks using the soft eyeshadow colors, draw your eyelids with the pencil, and then blend the V into the skin with your finger. Line it inside your eye lens, then line the outer corners of your eyes along your lash line and the outer corner of your waterline. Blend the pencil into your skin with your finger.


What is the best type of eyeliner for a beginner?

eyeliner looks, styles

As a beginning, pencil eyeliner is a good choice because it is smooth and easy to apply, similar to kohl. You only need to draw and practice, which is simple with pencil eyeliner.

Should you use thick or thin eyeliner?

You can draw thin or thick eyeliner depending on the eyeliner style you choose. Also, whether your eyes are near or wide makes a difference in how you look, so thick and thin do matter depending on your eye set and favorite eyeliner style.

Is black eyeliner no longer fashionable?

Although black eyeliner has become less fashionable since the advent of colorful eyeliner, most makeup professionals still recommend it unless you’re trying out a new style.


I hope you like these different types of eyeliner looks. So if you want any one of these eyeliner looks, then pick anyone and try it, make your look different, and be confident with your style.