Eyeliner Looks and Styles For Hooded Eyes | Get All Eyes On You With These Eye Looks

eyeliner looks and styles for hooded eyes

There are different eye shapes: deep-set eyes, monolid, hooded eyes, extending eyes, wide-set eyes, uplifted eyes, and downturned eyes. Hooded eyes have an extra layer of skin over the creases that make the lid look smaller. A hooded eye occurs when the eyelid crease folds over the outer corner, giving the impression of a deep-set or droopy eye. 

It is important to recognize hooded eyes as they might be mistaken for droopy eyes. If you can see extra skin folds on your eyelids and can’t see the full shape of your eyes, your eyes are probably hooded. With different eyeliner looks for hooded eyes, you can make your eye look more beautiful and elegant. Let’s have a look at some stunning eyeliner looks for hooded eyes!

So today, in this blog post, I have discussed Eyeliner Looks For Hooded Eyes|Get All Eyes On You With This Eye Look.

Eyeliner Looks for Hooded Eyes

Bring out all of your eye makeup products, tools and try some eye-catching hooded eye tricks. Hooded eyes look to be the most common problem in the makeup world. Those with hooded eyes are more aware than anyone else of how quickly eye makeup smudges and stains. That is why eyeliner doesn’t work on this eye shape: the crease folds over the liner, leaving the line twisted and strange. Do not worry about some amazing tips. I will show you how to get an amazing hooded eyeliner look. 

Here are some quick and eyeliner styles for hooded eyes. These makeup tips will help you enhance the beauty of your eyes while making sure your eyeliner is not too thick or too thin.

Different Types of Eyeliner Looks for Hooded Eyes

  • Simple Flick Eyeliner looks
simple flick eyeliner looks

It is important to focus on the natural creases to beautify your hooded eyes and reduce droopiness. A most important step to defining the crease – apply a deep, dark kohl liner to the lash line and blend it.  

If you have hooded eyes, it is better to apply the point where your crease folds over on the outer corner of your eye. Use a good quality brush to apply eyeshadow and extend the shadow above the crease of your eyelid. This effect will give your eyes an open look and make them a bit larger. 

  • Colored liquid Eyeliner
colored liquid eyeliner

If you think your makeup is not looking good, it is time to try some fresh colors with creating colored liquid eyeliner; if you have some free time, use some strong colors and colorful mascara and liquid eyeliner to create a dramatic colored liquid eyeliner look. Use many eyeliner textures that will highlight rather than dull your eyes. Bright, bold colors make this colored liquid eyeliner look good.

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  • The Cat-Eye Technique

Generally, girls avoid the cat-eye effect because it does not stay put due to their eye shape. Hooded eyes are very difficult to master, but a useful trick is to create these eyeliner styles. This artificial cat-eye technique is a quick way to make your eyes look more attractive and elevated when done properly.

To make perfect Cat eyeliner styles, follow these steps:

  • You made do with a gel-based eyeliner or a felt-tip pen.
  • You will need an angle brush or an eyeliner brush to create a cat-eye look.
  • Draw a line on the upper lash line.
  • Find the correct angle.
  • First, set the angle and create a flick with small dots.
  • To connect to the line above your lash line, join the dots and fill them.

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  • Winged Eyeliner for hooded eyes

If you are a beginner, you should use felt tip liners rather than liquid liners to create winged eyeliner for hooded eyes because it is easy to use. It takes a very long time to dry when applying liquid eyeliner. By using a pencil liner, you get the instant definition. These makeup tips will teach you to use eyeliner to make your winged eyeliner for hooded eyes more attractive and stunning.

How to use eyeliner to create a winged eyeliner for hooded eyes

  • From the inner corner of your eyes, start lining right below your lash line.
  • Pull the eyeliner upward and out.
  • Hold the wing past the fold and extend it.
  • Make a second line with the eyeliner.
  • The Retro Look Eyeliner Styles
retro look eyeliner styles

This eyeliner looks for hooded eyes and is perfect for a party, a family gathering.

How to use eyeliner styles to get a retro look:

  • Drawing a simple line across your lid.
  • Draw a line pointing straight up on your top lash.
  • From the tip of the line to the bottom of the border, draw a curved line.
  • Fill that in and draw a short, thin line all along the lash line’s bottom.


Does eyeliner look nice on hooded eyes?

Dark colored liquid eyeliner will help to cover the hoody signs by making the eyes look wider and bigger. It will also give the impression of your liner lid even if you’ve only applied it to the outer corner.

What effect does wing eyeliner have on your eyes?

The use of a double-winged eyeliner will give the larger eyes a look. By extending the line, make a little flip outward. Use the same technique to your lower lash line.

Do hooded eyes look attractive?

Many people think eye shape is attractive. Hooded eyes can affect everyone. It is okay if you have hooded eyes; do not be shy to have hooded eyes.


Applying hooded eye makeup is not easy; it’s challenging to create a stunning look. Never think hooded eyes are unattractive or unsightly. These all are eyeliner looks for hooded eyes tips for hooded eyelids will complete your look with a better sparkle on your face. So girls, pick any hooded eyes to look tips and make your eye look beautiful for any party and meeting.