Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners | Eye Shadow And Makeup Looks

eye shadow tutorial for beginners

Purchasing brand new eye shadow–or the whole makeup palette–is generally a great thing. And don’t worry if the thought of genuinely talking inside and putting that eyeshadow seems much more frightening than attractive. We’ve got you beat so that you can show your gorgeous eyeshadow pigments and make the eye shadow looks you choose.

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In this blog post, I have talked about the Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners along with Eye Shadow And Makeup Looks.  

In addition, when you’re unconfident, getting a few step-by-step easy eyeshadows looks to experiment can be somewhat helpful!! With each makeup style, you try and perfect, and you’ll experience a new sense of fulfillment.

I want to share an eyeshadow tutorial for beginners to create easy eyeshadow looks using step-by-step beginner eye makeup looks! First, I’ll go through the basics of eye makeup definitions, easy eyeshadow looks, consider the different brushes and tools you can use to create every look, then help you know where and how to do your makeup to recreate all different looks!! So, here is an eyeshadow tutorial for beginners to help you make your unique stunning eye makeup looks.

eye shadow tutorial for beginners

Choose Correct Brush and Tools Before Beginning?

Though you can do about every kind of makeup using your fingertips, specific brushes are the best way to blend colors and highlight your features flawlessly.  So you’ll like to buy some very different eyeshadow brushes whenever it comes to creating your eye shadow looks.

Below are four brushes to get you to begin in creating a beginner eyeshadow makeup kit:

  • A wide-domed fluffy brush for swatching color over your complete eye.
  • A tiny tapered blend brush for trimming your crease (where your lid joins your eye).
  • For getting inside and combining any pretty tough areas, use an angled blend brush.
  • An angled eyeliner brush with such a more substantial brush to shape and emphasize your lower lashes.

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Required Tools:

Lash Curler: Girls, get those eyelashes curved!!

Q-Tips: These should be useful if anyone makes that mistake on eye makeup, especially cleaning eyeliner.

Translucent powder: If you wouldn’t need to use a primer, you can also use the fixer and foundation to your eye area first, then complete with a translucent powder.

Primer: A primer is a must if you want great eyeshadow, which lasts all day!! Remember that a primer can enhance the brightness of your eyeshadow color for that extra pop!

Step 1: Cleanse and Prime Your Eyes

Is it essential to use an eye primer? Well, this all depends on where you want to look inside the end. Primer helps with the transparency and durability of eyeshadow colors. It’s also not essential whether you’re looking for a light color wash. In the same way, your face primer maintains your foundation in place, eyes a few your eyeshadow last longer, and keeps it all from rolling on your eyelids if applied to the skin or moisture. As a general rule, the more and more eye makeup you apply, the more and more primer you’ll require.

When you have oily eyelids or find your beautiful eyeshadow creases each day, eyeshadow primer is a must. Some eye primers contain ingredients like pearl powder that brighten and enhance your eyeshadow to control grease. 

Drop a tiny bit of eyeshadow primer on the finger. Then, with all wear, softly spread the primer over the whole eyelid, up to the brow bone (just behind your brow), from around inside the lower eyelid, and maybe even across your lower lash line.

Step 2: Create Your Base

Now it’s time to add a little color. An essential shade for the lid, a mid shade for your creases, a dark shade for your outer corner, as well as a peach-toned to highlight the inner lining and eyebrow bone can quickly be done using four hues.

Your next layer of eyeliner will be a neutral color brushed all of the ways across your eyelid with such a big brush, regardless of the makeup style you’re looking for. For natural eye makeup looks, choose one shade that’s also similar to your skin color, a lighter shimmer for sparkling styles, or else darken for smoky eyes.

You can select your colors based on the color of your eyes. Brown eyes look stunning in shades of green, gold, purple, and grey, while brown eyes come out during shades of red, yellow, orange, and purple. Try about with red, orange, purple, and grey shades for green eyes.

Before creating eye make up it’s important to care for your face. Never forget to care for your skin; here are five tips regarding skin care that helps to care for your skin at a low cost. 

Step 3: Define the Eye Shape and Crease:

To offer your eye makeup extra definition, we’ll now highlight your crease. It will also make your eyes larger and broader in total. Next, dunk your soft or pointed crease brush with your medium eyeliner shade for just a natural eye makeup look. Then, cover your eyes using the eyeshadow to make a sparkle where your eye meets your brow bone.

Whether you have gloomy or deep-set eyelids, use the crease shade with the eyes wide open to determine wherever it will be most viewable, just on upper eyebrows above the inner eyelid. Next, dab your pointed brush in your dark shade and then use it to outline the outside corner of your crease, making a V-shape form of the lash line to an outer crease, further to define your eye shape.

Step 4: Blending and Define:

The blend is one of the most essential (and usually ignored) processes on the whole. Blend the shades on the crease and outer V with such a clean blending brush till they blend perfectly into your eyelid. No issues if you over-blend parts of medium or darker color. Just dab a few more shadows into the crease brush, then blend, mix, blend.

You can go in and identify your lash line when your shade is blended perfectly. Start with a liquid or pencil eyeliner if you want. You can either stop at the end of the lashes or make a winged liner style according to your taste. Then, take your angled eyeliner brush and set your eyeliner with medium or dark eyeshadow (whatever matches your eyeliner color).

Step 5: Remove the Highlights

It’s almost time to apply your lightest eyeshadow shade to protect your mouth sparkle modestly. A light matte eyeshadow can help lighten a smooth glow that is perfect for the day. For maximum shine, you can use your regular facial highlighter.

Depending on the shade you select, brush this along your brow bone (just below the arch of your brow) to offer your face a broad, lifted look. You also can simulate a good night’s sleep by dotting along with the inner corners of your eyes.  Each of these ways will make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and attentive. After that, ensure any rough edges are blended out, then you’re done using your eyeshadow! Finally, you’re ready to go along with mascara and just a little bit to define your brows.   

FAQ’s for EyeShadow

  • Is it possible to apply eye shadow after applying makeup?

Aside from just being easier to remove, using eyeshadow first gives a lighter, more natural look, especially when going for a no-makeup look. 

  • Is it better to apply concealer pre or post-foundation?

Once you have many flaws to conceal and need a lot of thick, corrective concealer for coverage, I recommend applying conceal before foundation. Then, with different cover and blending, softly powder coat or dab foundation on the base of the concealer.  

Wrap up:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this beautiful eyeshadow tutorial for beginners! Whether you’re looking for a day or evening look, this article uses everything you could want in a range of shades and easy eyeshadow looks.