12 Best Christmas Makeup Looks

christmas makeup looks

Christmas is the best part of December. That’s the time of the year when the winter season looks beautiful, colorful, and joyful. So, you are the lucky one if you already have your hands full of tree-decorating supplies, cake-baking gear, and warm clothing. But consider this: aren’t you missing the most exciting part of any festival? You guessed correctly! I’m talking about your gorgeous makeup look.

It’s all about looking your best during the holidays, and your makeup should fit your winter clothing as well. This Christmas season, you must express your glam feelings like a pro, from gorgeous red lips to trying with green eyeshadows. So, without any more hesitation, ladies, take Christmas makeup looks tips to help you make your Christmas even more stylish.

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Today in this article, I have talked about Best Christmas Makeup Looks.

12 Best Christmas Makeup Looks

  1.  Berry Lips  
christmas makeup looks

Stained berry lips are not only attractive, but they also keep the Christmas makeup looks cheerful and alive. To finish the look, use your finger to blur the insides for a smudged makeup look. 

  1. Glitter Christmas eye makeup

There is a sophisticated way to apply Glitter Christmas eye makeup to your eyes that look grown-up and lovely, too. We’ve included many ideas of how to make glitter eyes below.

  • The first look is a more modest look of the season’s smudge glitter touch around the edge of the eyes.
  • The second look of a sprinkle of gold glitter on the eyelashes, which quickly lights up the eyes without making them look small.
  • Instead of black eyeliner, the third style applies a festive glitter flick.
  • The final makeup includes flecks of sparkle to create a cat-eye effect.

  1. Rose-gold Eyeshadow
rose gold eyeshadow - eye makeup

With highlighters and eye shadow colors alike, rose-gold has invaded the makeup world. This year, try one by combining a warm gold tone in the crease. To finish the look, use eyeliner and mascara.

If you are looking at sally’s nightmare before Christmas makeup ideas and don’t know how to apply makeup, then keep reading Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners | EyeShadow And Makeup Looks.

  1. Contoured Cheekbones  
cheeks makeup - christmas party

Contouring the cheekbones is another Christmas makeup style. To finish the look, apply a neutral shadow to the lids and bottom lashes, using a contour powder to continue the same flow below the cheekbones.

  1. Dark Green Eyes

Green is a brave eye makeup color to wear, but it’s perfectly doable when you know how to do it well. You’ll need to know the right green hue to wear for your skin tone and hair color, as well as how to apply it correctly, so it has the most impact. When looking for a dramatic shade like these dark green eyes, start with your eyes and work your way around to the foundation and the rest of your face. Start with your brows and eyes, then pull down the rest of your makeup to match or highlight the green tones rather than compete with them.

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  1. Brown Smokey Eye and Bold Eyeliner

Hit your Christmas party with bold eyeliner. Eyeliner can create a variety of shapes, but this one is glam and includes a wide flick. You may need to put in some practice time, but the outcome is well worth the time and effort. Recreate this look or experiment with various eyeshadow shades for the eyeliner.

  1. Festive Gold Eyes
christmas makeup - festive gold eyes

This idea can be ideal if you want festive makeup without going over the tip. Here’s some eye makeup which you can wear all year long, with stunning eyeshadow and eyeliner. Finally, a tiny spread of glitter completes the look. By using a small bit of glitter, you may create a festive and fashionable style.

  1. Matted Red Smokey Eye
red smokey eyes - makeup looks

The color red is a must-have for the holiday season. If you don’t want to go for the big and bright red, try makeup like this. The eyes start in a dark red and slowly fade to black in this look. Statement eyeliner is used to complete the look. It’s a stylish way to wear red this holiday season.

  1. Matte Eyes and Lips

You’ll need to learn how to blend your eyeshadow if you want to get a look as elegant as this, and the easiest way to do so is to try blending two colors on your hand or arm first. It’s best to start with a small amount of eyeshadow and work your way up when working with darker, matte colors. It’s easy to apply more as required rather than remove it after applying it on your face.

  1. Red Lips and Wintry Eyes

Take inspiration from the cold weather to create a stunning makeup look like this. The eyes are a wintry grey with a sparkle of silver. Dark red lips use to complete the look. It’s a lovely color combination for the season, and it’ll work for any special occasion.


Is it true that purple eyes exist?

Violet is a type of blue eye color that is real yet uncommon. The violet color needs a particular type of eye structure to create a light scattering of melanin pigment.

Wrap Up:

These easy Christmas makeup looks include everything from classic Christmas looks to the newest festive eye trends. I hope you like this fantastic makeup look idea. Also, keep an eye out for more Christmas news, interesting articles, and fashion and beauty reviews.