Brazilian Blowout vs. Keratin Treatment | Before and After

brazilian blowout vs keratin treatment

Everybody loves their hair to look good and be strong most of the time. Our hair is a sign of how we’re going overall. If your hair is falling out but is dry, you may have to change your diet and lifestyle. As part of personal care and improvement, a hair treatment is a worthwhile investment for healthier-looking hair.

A keratin treatment can be done shortly for your hair care needs. For smoother, stronger hair, a Brazilian keratin straightening is also an excellent choice. These hair treatments could be expensive; however, the outcomes will stay for months. Keratin treatment and Brazilian Blowout are two of the best hair treatments nowadays. Which of the two options is the better option?

So, in this article, I have talked about Brazilian Blowout vs keratin treatment | Before and After. 

Brazilian Blowout vs keratin treatment

Is your hair thick, curly, frizzy, or just hard to manage? Is there a problem with additional volume that you’d like to fix? Depending on your type of hair and desires, a skilled stylist will be able to recommend the best treatment for your hair.

  • Qualified candidates

Disorderly hair would be smoothed with a keratin treatment, making it a much straighter and smoother look. For hair that is so very curly and thick, that’s the best solution. The procedure will decrease hair volume and make it much easier to control. 

A keratin treatment is not recommended for hair that is already straight, fine, or thin because it looks to lose volume even more. Wherever you go for a treatment, a keratin treatment cost is from $250 to $500. If you are concerned about the best salon for your treatment, write “keratin treatment near me” on your search bar; you will easily get the best salon result with many options.

A Brazilian Blowout may be a better option if you want to enhance the volume and flow of your hair while also getting it frizz-free and much more manageable. With fine to medium texture and some mild waves or curls, this treatment works well. Brazilian Blowout could effectively transition hair textures if a keratin treatment, relaxers, or Japanese straightening treatment has been used previously.

  • Procedure

The time to perform a Brazilian Blowout and a Keratin treatment are among the most significant changes. In a salon, the Brazilian Blowout requires only 1 to 2 hours. A Keratin treatment may require 3 hours to complete. Both treatments begin by washing the hair with a cleaning shampoo and then towel drying it.

  • The procedure of Keratin treatment before and after
keratin treatment before and after
keratin treatment before and after

Know the procedure of keratin treatment before and after. The hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo, towel-dried, and after that, dry with a blow dryer. Section by section, the product is applied and properly spread throughout the hair. A cap is put out overhead for 20-30 min to allow the product to soak deeply into the hair roots for the greatest effects. The hair is then blow-dried and smoothly ironed at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. For three days, the client should not wash their hair.

  • The procedure of Brazilian Blowout before and after
brazilian blowout before and after

Brazilian blowout before and after

Here you can know the procedure of Brazilian blowout before and after. The hair is cleaned with a clarifying shampoo then towel-dried softly to keep some moisture. The product is then applied to parts of the hair with care. The hair is blow-dried and straightened using a 450-degree hair straightener. After that, your hair is carefully washed to remove the product, and a conditioner masque is applied. Then, your hair will blow-dry to get the perfect result.

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  • Outcome

Hair will be less straight and have less volume after just a keratin treatment. Your hair would be frizz-free for up to three months. Hair would be frizz-free after a Brazilian Blowout treatment, but it’ll be less straight and smooth than a keratin treatment as it is a “lighter” option.

The wavy hair will be straight, with a lot of thickness and natural waves. The original curls of curly hair will maintain, and they’ll be softer, frizz-free, and easier to control. Straightening hair with straightening irons or blow drying it straight has become faster and easier than before.

Both procedures are adjustable to the preferred result, though the Brazilian Blowout is much more versatile. The result can be adjusted to the individual’s needs by adjusting the amount of product put to a hair and the heat level.

  • Convince option

Because the results are almost quick, the Brazilian Blowout is a more convenient option. Different measures must be followed, along with a 72-hour waiting time to verify the treatment is effective with a keratin treatment. You must leave the salon with the product still in your hair and wash it three days later. You should also avoid sweating, tying your hair back, tucking it behind your ears, or another style that might create a twist in your hair.

When you leave the salon, your Brazilian Blowout treatment is complete, and the effects are visible right away. Your hair could wash the next day, so you can style it any way you like. A Brazilian Blowout treatment is free from the restrictions that come with keratin treatments.


What are the disadvantages of getting a Brazilian Blowout?

The Brazilian Blowout has several disadvantages, which are listed below.

  • The procedure is quite costly.
  • Whenever flat ironing, salons that use too much heat or use heat improperly must avoid.
  • Heat damage to your hair is a risk.

Does keratin treatment cause hair to fall out?

Women who may have keratin treatments sometimes experience hair loss. The process itself traumatizes and destroys hair growth. It makes it a lot easier for your hair to fall out, then you may see extra strands falling even when you’re just brushing your fingers through all of it.

Does keratin increase hair growth?

Yes. Whenever you mix extra keratin proteins already present in your hair and then use heat to tie them in, the particular hair follicle thickens, leading to thicker, fuller, and much more luscious hair.

To know more details regarding Keratin treatment, read Side Effects, Pros-Cons & Benefits of Keratin Treatment for Hair.


Now you understand about Brazilian Blowout vs keratin. Keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout treatment both have incredible benefits for your hair. Which one, though, should you pick? It depends on what you want to get with your hair.

Hair keratin treatment can help you gain straighter, shinier hair. On the other hand, a Brazilian blowout may be a better option if you want to keep your hair thicker and much more accessible without losing its original texture.