Trendy Blonde Curly Hairstyles and Blonde Hair with Lowlights

trendy cute blonde curly hairs with lowlights

Blonde curly hair is ultimately famous, although curly hairstyles can be tough to maintain. However, many other women love blonde curly hairstyles. It is also the most popular haircut for special occasions.

A person’s hair is the most attainable part of their look. The right hairstyle can improve your look while also expressing your personality. Each style is unique and tells something about the person. 

Blonde curly hair can be carried by any age of women and make them seem stunning. It may take some work to maintain your blonde curly hair, but you will get a fantastic look. Here are some fantastic blonde curly hairstyles to try. Keep scrolling to get the best idea of blonde curly hair

8 Blonde Curly Hairstyles and Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Blonde Curly Hair With Waves

blonde curly hair with waves

An icy blonde hair can completely transform your look. We’re attracted to this cool shade for some reason; it’s likely for its versatility. Of course, we don’t usually think of versatility when we think of blonde (particularly ice), but icy blonde hair can be styled in various ways. One option is to add slight waves to your mid-length icy blonde hair cut to make it bouncy and feminine.

Bronze Blonde Hair With Lowlights

blonde hair with lowlights

Every woman aims to be different. Try blonde hair with lowlights if you want to make a statement with your unique look. If you add more color to the bangs, bronze blonde hair with lowlights will look better. Leave the rest of your blonde hair with lowlights and only darken the sharp bangs. The result will be stunning.

Natural Dirty Blonde Hair With Dark Roots And Honey Highlights

natural dirty blond hair

You may create a natural dirty blonde hair face-brightening effect by carefully applying highlights in a honey blonde shade. For an all-over, attractive, sunkissed effect, apply a thin layer of honey highlights to the top of your hair to naturally blend into your darker brown or blonde hair. 

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Natural Dirty Blonde Hair With Dark Roots and Icy Cool Ends

This icy color melt starts with dark roots and a choppy long bob for maximum dimension and flexibility. With so many different blonde colors, natural dirty blonde hair looks stunning.

Blonde Bob with Bang

short blonde hair

It is the haircut to have if you want to stay on trend all the time. An icy blonde Ombre bob with bangs frames your face wonderfully and flatters your skin color for a romantic yet powerful style.

Blonde Curly Hair

blonde curly hair

Some blonde curly hairstyles have a processed look that not everyone loves. Use no products after washing and condition your hair if you want it to look even more natural. Avoid gels, creams, and mousses that help your hair do what it wants, and in this case, it is a complete head of unruly frizzy curls.

Short Icy Blonde Hair

short icy blonde hair

Put a glittering metallic hairband on your curly pixie. This look is perfect for both day and night. The hairband will not only keep your curls in place but will also give your look a touch of glamour and grace.

Blonde Hair with Top Knot

blonde hair with top knot

Long, icy blonde hair is stunning, and the most significant part is that you can try different styles to keep things interesting. A ponytail is the easiest and quickest option when you don’t have much time to style your hair.


Does blonde hair look attractive on curly hair?

First, the blonde color suits curly hair because it highlights the depth and highlights a particular color in your hair. The style goes well with different blonde colors, whether naturally curly hair or creating them at home with a hot tool.

What colors look good on dirty blondes?

Cool tones like pastel blue, lavender, light grey, off-white, and soft green are best with dirty blondes. Add ash-blonde highlights and tone it if you have any orange undertones to make your hair shine.

What makes dirty blonde hair so unique?

The term “dirty blonde” relates to a color that blends light and dark blonde tones. The advantage of the style is that it protects hair from the damage that comes with bleaching, also brightening your face due to the golden highlights.


So are you ready to try curly blond hairstyles? Pick your favorite hair look, get a salon appointment, and create a trendy blond hairstyle.