Best DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

best diy makeup brush cleaner

Do you consider the things you’ll have used to style in 2018? Yes, I’m thinking of your makeup brushes, sponges, hairbrushes, and whatever you use to make your face flawless. We clean our faces at most once per day, so using a dirty makeup brush on it is just ugly.

Brush cleaning should be considered an essential element of your beauty routine. In addition, acne breakouts and dermatitis can be caused by a buildup of dust and oils on your makeup brushes. So, let’s discuss the best DIY makeup brush cleaner makeup brushes.

diy makeup brush cleaner

Save your budget, the money spent on expensive cleaners, or a new makeup brush set. Instead, create a goal to better your cleaning habits using these DIY best makeup brush cleaners solutions, and tips! Today, in this blog, I have talked about the best DIY makeup brush cleaner.

Drying Makeup Brushes in a Smart Way

One of the reasons we avoid washing our makeup brushes is that we would not want water to damage our makeup. Water, it looks, can break the connection between the brush bristles or hair and the handle; however, if the handle is wooden, water may burn through it. By using everyday household items, we’ve discovered the ideal answer to this problem.

smart way to clean makeup brushes

A hanger and some rubber bands or hair elastics are all you’ll need. With the bristles facing down, put your cosmetic brushes against the hanging rod. Bring the hair ties or rubber bands to the back of the rod. Bring two ends together by bringing them forward. Then, to attach your makeup brushes, slide in from below, handles first.

Clean with Cleaning Board

This handmade cosmetic best makeup brush cleaner is fantastic. Bring A clipboard, hot glue, a hot glue gun, and a steady hand. To make grooves, start putting tiny spots of hot glue just on the top portion of a clipboard. The holes will help in the removal of dirt from your makeup brushes. Next, remove extra hot glue from between the dots once they have dried. Then, on the bottom half of a board, make wavy designs and also some diagonal patterns. To create a DIY best makeup brush cleaner panel, just let hot glue dry.

No-Rinse Makeup Brush Cleaner

makeup brush cleaner

So, what about cleaning your makeup brushes after every use, significantly if you change color combinations? After every use, washing the brushes in water and drying them would become makeup brush murder! Instead, take a clean 200 mL cup or glass, including a microfiber cloth. Wrap the microfibre into the cup and tuck it in. When changing to a new color, give your brush a quick turn from microfiber during each layer.

Makeup Brush Cleaner with Olive Oil

On a small container or dish, combine one part olive oil or one-part antibacterial dishwashing soap. Put the sticky end of a brush into the mixture after wetting the tip with lukewarm water. Ensure your makeup brush is always upright with bristles facing down, so no water remains on the bristles. Rub the brush on your palm and gently brush the hairs using your thumb and pointer. Wash the brush’s tip in lukewarm water, blot the excess moisture using a towel, and hang to dry.

Makeup Brush Cleansing with Coconut Oil

In a little clean bowl, mix a teaspoon of liquid coconut oil and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Leave the bristles of your makeup brush to swirl in the mixture by turning them. Coconut oil can help remove dirt and muck from the hairs, while lemon juice helps clean and fragrance your makeup brushes. If there are any remaining particles of coconut oil in the hairs, let it have another spin of lemon juice. Lemon juice’s acid will dissolve the coconut oil. Wash thoroughly with water and dry to use the hanging drying technique.

Your beauty blender needs constant cleaning like your makeup brushes, especially given how quickly it is used. Put your beauty blender into a mixture of two portions washing soap and liquified coconut oil. Shake out the makeup grains by rubbing them against your fingers, then rinse with clean water.

Makeup brush makes your makeup flawlessly on your skin, but it’s important to care for your skin regularly; read the modern rules of skincare that give you the best guide regarding your skin.

Makeup Brushes Clean With Baking Soda

Cleaning products with an oil base, including olive oil or coconut oil, might cause makeup brushes to clump together when they’ve been washed. Fortunately, we have baking soda, a proper baking and cleaning chemical. First, get a tall container that will fit all of your brushes and enable them to stand as upright as possible. Next, add more water to cover the brushes’ bristles, then a few teaspoons of baking soda.

makeup brush cleaner with baking soda

Mix the contents thoroughly after adding your brushes and swirling each one in the mixture. Ensure to wash your makeup brushes thoroughly. Baking soda is an excellent DIY makeup brush cleaner as it removes oil residue and neutralizes odor.

Clean With Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is the best makeup brush cleaner can use for many cleaning tasks all around the house. In addition, we discovered that tea tree oil might also use to treat pimples and acne and be an excellent makeup remover. Then cleaning your makeup brushes of skin germs is easy. Add ten drops of essential oil to two cups of coffee water and half a cup of vinegar. Use the liquid to clean the bristles of your makeup brushes.

Germs and dirt in your hairbrushes may cause dandruff and other skin problems. To work as an antibacterial, prepare just one vinegar and water solution and soak your brush in it. Clean dust and dirt from the bristles with just an old toothbrush.


  • What do you use to clean your makeup brushes?

A cup of hot water, a tablespoon of dish soap, and a teaspoon of white vinegar are added to the solution. Then, you put your brush into the solution.

  • Is it possible to clean makeup brushes with shampoo?

Makeup brushes should clean regularly; otherwise, they may contain dirt and oil, which will transfer to your skin. To effectively wash makeup brushes, you could use household items, including dish detergent or shampoo.

  • Is it possible to clean cosmetic brushes with Milton?

To clean hairbrushes, put them in a mixture of Milton Sterilising Fluid. Wash makeup brushes in detergent to remove all makeup, then wash and soak in Milton solution to remove any remaining bacteria for very clean brushes and good skin.

  • Can you use a makeup brush cleaner machine to clean the brush?

It’s essential to wash the brush hair, not the brush itself. Washing brushes in the makeup brush cleaner machine and even putting the entire brush in water might damage the glue. The brush hair falls out, or, worse, the entire brush head will fall apart due to the makeup brush cleaner machine.


You now know how to make your own DIY makeup brush cleaner, and you have a variety of methods and strategies to fit your lifestyle and the best makeup brush cleaner ingredients you have on hand. With these simple DIY cosmetic brush cleaner techniques and cleaning tips, you’ll never have to deal with unclean or ugly makeup brushes again!