Benefits of Homemade Vitamin C serum – Recipe

benefits of vitamin c serum

Nowadays, it is imperative to take good care of your skin because of the changing environment and pollution. While talking about skincare, it is just limited to cleaning, exfoliating, or masking the skin and providing a good vitamin supplement to the skin.

In this blog post, we have talked about the recipe and benefits of homemade vitamin C serum, so keep reading to know all that you should know. 

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Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

Homemade vitamin C serum

How to make vitamin C serum at home?

Vitamin C serum recipes

How to apply vitamin C serum

FAQs for Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C

When it comes to vitamins and their benefits, vitamin C or ascorbic acid is considered the king of all of them. All types of citrus fruits like orange, lemon, grapefruits, and vegetables like capsicum, cauliflower, broccoli, etc., are rich sources of vitamin C. It helps in the growth of the body and repairs all damaged body tissues, boosts body immunity, maintains bone health. It is not only beneficial for the body but also for the skin.

Vitamin C for skin

Vitamin C gives so many benefits to the skin. Vitamin C containing antioxidant properties and collagen production repair the skin, protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, improve skin cell health, prevent pigmentations, and provide radiant and youthful skin. Vitamin C is present in the skin naturally and helps to enhance collagen production antioxidants and fight against UV lights. But too much exposure to the sun can lead to the decline of its benefits.

You can take vitamin supplements or go for some products to use externally on your skin. These products will penetrate the skin to cover its deficiency. There are different creams, and serums are available containing vitamin C.  

Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

It is well known that face serums are excellent products and very good for the skin. Serums are a lightweight mixture of various concentrated ingredients that you can apply to your skin to solve different skin issues. Some serums are water-based and used before the moisturizer, and some are oil-based and applied after moisturizer. Vitamin C serum is a skin product that contains vitamin C. It is applied to the skin externally and absorbed into it.

The benefits of vitamin C serum are balancing the free radicals, improving the production of elastin and collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and giving the skin a bright, natural, and spotless glow. 

Homemade vitamin C serum

There are many vitamin C serums available in the market, but these serums are a little expensive. Nowadays people are trying to make so many beauty products at their home, because it comprises all-natural products, without any cosmetics and cost-effective. However, the raw materials for making homemade vitamin C serum are costly but not as much as the available product. You can also store the homemade vitamin C serum for quite a long time.

How to make vitamin C serum at home?

home made vitamin c serum recipe

While looking for making any homemade beauty products, it is always an essential question if the ingredients are readily available or not. According to Japanese beauty secrets, they say,” if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.” There are varieties of citrus fruits and vegetables available loaded with vitamin C. You can go for some vitamin C tablets available in the market. With the help of all the edible ingredients and some essential oils, some filtered or distilled water, you can easily make a DIY vitamin C serum. You have to store the serum in a dark color bottle with a dropper attached to the lid.

Vitamin C serum recipes

There are many easy recipes for vitamin C serum that you can make at your home with some simple tools. 

Vitamin C Serum with Vitamin C Powder

Vitamin C tablets are readily available in chemist shops. Using these four ingredients, i.e., vitamin C tablets, aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, and frankincense oil, you can make a simple vitamin C serum.

  • Take some vitamin C tablets and crush them to make a fine powder.
  • Add some aloe vera gel and mix them well.
  • Then, add a few drops of vitamin E oil and frankincense oil into it.
  • Mix all the ingredients very well till all the lumps have vanished.
  • Store this mixture in a dark, airtight container and keep it away from sunlight.
  • You can store and use this mixture for 2 to 3 months.

For water-based serum, you can replace the oils with filtered or distilled water.

Vitamin C Serum with Orange Peel

  • Orange is an excellent vitamin C. You can find many vitamin C products in the market containing orange extract.
  • Take one or two oranges that should completely ripen and turn into orange color.
  • Take out all the peel and grind the peel to make a fine paste.
  • Then, mix two cups of water into the paste and mix them well.
  • Put the mixture on the gas and allow it to boil. Then sim the flame and keep it for ten to fifteen minutes; the combination will concentrate.
  • Cool the mixture and strain it to take out all the raw materials.
  • Then add one tablespoon of aloe vera gel into it and mix them well till no lumps appear.
  • Two to three drops of oil from a vitamin oil capsule should be added to it and mixed with them.
  • Keep this mixture in the dark, airtight container, and you can easily keep it for approx. one month.

Vitamin C Serum by lemon peel

Like oranges, lemon is also a good source of vitamin C. But while taking lemon as an ingredient for the serum, one should remember that lemon is quite sensitive for some skin and can cause irritation.

  • Take two tablespoons of dried lemon peel powder.
  • Add some rose water into it to make it a paste.
  • Add two to three teaspoons of aloe vera gel.
  • Add one or two teaspoons of glycerine.
  • Mix all the ingredients very well, store them in a dark colour bottle, and keep it away from sunlight.
  • You can store this serum for one month.

You can also buy some readymade essential oils and products to mix them up to make a DIY vitamin C serum. 

How to apply vitamin C serum with Correct Method?

how to apply vitamin c serum

When it comes to how to apply vitamin C serum on the face? There are various steps. You can use the serum directly to your face or can add it with other products. You can keep your vitamin C face serum with every makeup time, but you should use this serum at night for the best and effective result. Here are some tips for applying the serum:

  • Sometimes skin looks a little dark and dull, and it is uncomfortable to go out with this pale skin. You can 

apply some drops of the serum directly on your face of the particular part that doesn’t look very interesting. Then use your regular other product, and your skin is good to go.

  • The right way to apply vitamin C serum on your face is that your skin should be clean and dirt-free before using the serum.
  • In the beginning, always wash your face with any cleaning product or a cleanser. Then dry your skin and apply some toner.
  • Then pour a few drops of the vitamin C serum on your face. Massage gently with a circular motion.
  • Let the serum absorb by the skin for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • After entirely absorbed by the skin, apply your moisturizer and then use your other makeup products.

Point to remember while applying serum

Every product has some side effects on particular things. While applying any product to the skin, it is very important to be careful about some things. Here below are some tips to think of while using vitamin C serum on your face:

Before using any skin product, you should do a patch test on your hand or jawline to check that the product is on your face and ensure it is suitable or not

Before applying the serum, clean your face.

Always prepare your DIY vitamin C serum according to your face type. For oily skin, water-based serum  by using filtered or distilled water in essential oils, and for dry skin, you can go with oil-based serum.

Vitamin C is getting oxidized when it comes in contact with the sun. So always keep your serum away from sunlight.

Try to use the serum within two weeks. Because this DIY product might perform ant chemical changes if you stored it for a long time, and it will cause any skin problems.

FAQs for Vitamin C Serum

Q: How far may homemade vitamin C serum be stored?

Ans: Although the normal vitamin C serum will last up to 2 weeks, the moisturizing vitamin C serum must produce every three days. You can store your vitamin C solution in the refrigerator for up to a week, and if you will, last more.

Q: Is making vitamin C serum at home convenient?

Ans: When you DIY, you have no control over the content — but it’s sometimes even harmful. It’s a waste of time. It’s because our skin absorbs a small portion of the benefits of vitamin C, generally known as ascorbic acid, when we eat, drink, or supplement it.

Q: Can I use Vitamin C serum regularly?

Ans: Generally, daily Vitamin is used once or twice. Cleanse, tone, use vitamin C serum, and then moisturize is an excellent general rule. Is used securely with the other active substances; mixing this with niacinamide may make vitamin C more efficient.

Q: Is it necessary to keep vitamin C serum in the fridge?

Ans: Different’s Vitalift A-Forte) is light and heat sensitive, which will degrade and oxidize quicker if exposed to high heat or light. That’s why most of the vitamin C and retinol serums come in dark bottles. These will be kept in the refrigerator to ensure longer shelf life.


Vitamin C is essential to the body and skin. The natural vitamin C serum present in the skin always protects the skin from outside harmful effects but eventually gets deficient. A good vitamin C serum can provide some supplement to the skin. The vitamin C serum that is available in the market is good but quite expensive. Sometimes it is not safe to buy vitamin C serum from the market because it might contact sunlight and get oxidized, which can cause harm to the skin. 

Making a homemade serum is quite effortless with some natural benefits. Some DIY vitamin C serum ideas will help you perform a small experimental serum recipe. Choosing the right ingredients and knowing the right way to apply the serum, you are all set to give your skin a radiant, pigmentation free youthful glow.

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