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About Me

Dhvani Patel

As an enthusiast fashion and beauty blogger, I share all the latest updates and trends about beauty hacks and secret and note-worthy things related to hair care, skincare, Fashion, girl style, and accessories.

Get honest and genuine fashion sense reviews on all the beauty products I experiment with.

Born in India, I’m a girl who has gone through a major inner transformation – from a sports girl who didn’t believe in books and theories to executing the theories into practical solutions. I’m an IT professional working in the USA with high standards of morals and values along with the right taste of beauty hacks and secret, girl style, and fashion sense.

A Journey of self-transformation and beyond

I strongly believe that a person should contribute something valuable to society as a humble gesture to repay. I’m trying my best to contribute when it comes to the environment (Mother Earth), Education, Health Sector, Sports, and Spirituality.

Even with these major transformations, I’m still a “true Indian” by heart! I’m a perfect mixture of traditional and modern perspectives; and I like being surrounded by elegant, classy, respectful people who have the right fashion sense, taste for beauty hacks and secrets and the right judgement for girl style

Future Goals

In the future, I wish to represent India’s work, pursue MBA, travel to most parts of the world, participate in various adventure sports, and while making some great investments in the fashion industry and beyond.