5 Best Hairstyles for Curly Frizzy Hair | Curly Brown Hair & Dark Hair

hair styles for curly frizzy hair

Most of the curly brown hair girls are used to struggling with frizzy, which would be a dark curly hair girl’s biggest enemy. To get silky, smooth strands, you should first know how to care for dry and damaged hair. It also is beneficial to learn some styling tips and techniques for frizzy and dark curly hair.

Although curly hair is inherently drier than straight hair, it will be more likely to frizz. So learning how to treat frizzy hair properly and create stunning hairstyles that reflect its naturally rough and curly structure. Continue reading to learn a few of our best curly hair styling tips, and try one of all these five simple curly brown hair, frizzy hairstyles. They’ll look great in any style you want out of your hair.

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In this  blog I have talked about 5 Best Hairstyles for Curly Frizzy Hair | Curly Brown Hair & Dark Hair

Tips to Style Frizz, Curly Hair:

tips for curly hair
  • Use a Comb with a Big Tooth:

Brushing curly hair wet with such a regular bristle brush can damage your hairline as it’s so dried and brittle. Therefore, carefully comb out your knots with a wide-tooth comb. It is much softer, mainly on the hair shaft, giving minor irritation or damage to the cuticle.

  • Combing Your Hair from the Bottom Up:

Untangling your hair from the top-down involves forcing the knot further into your hair, causing severe damage, untidy ends, and frizz. A better way to maintain your curls and become frizzy would be to use your comb to carefully remove knots from the bottom up, a few at a time.

  • Apply a deep conditioning hair mask to your hair:

A deep conditioning mask applied once a week to your hair would go a long way in managing dark curly hair; hair is a color scheme. Buy products with ingredients like milk protein and avocado oil that helps to satisfy curls and provide moisture to your hair.

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  • Trim your hair regularly:
dark curly hair

It’s essential to trim your hair every six to eight weeks. It protects damaged ends and helps curly hair smoother and shape. Are you worried that your hairdresser may shave off much more of your hair? A brushing effectively removes a portion of hair and only fixes messy, fraying ends, apart from a trim that involves removing some length. Instead, choose a curly frizzy hairdo that suits thick, dark curly hair.     

A hair mask is one of the best options for hair care treatment, and there are various types of hair masks available, keep reading types of hair masks and benefits to get a deeper detail of hair masks.

5 Most useful Hairstyles for Curly Frizzy Hair

styles for curly hair

Check out all these step-by-step tips for curly, frizzy hairstyles unless you’re unsure how to style them.

1.      Voluminous Pony:

  • Spray a proper quantity of volumizing dry out spray across roots to ends while shampooing and thoroughly drying your hair. Complete drying with a blowdryer and a hot airbrush.     
  •  Comb your hair back and knot it into a loose, high ponytail.
  • Pull your tail out for each hand, so the band begins to rise, tightens the ponytail, and gives volume to the top of the head.
  • To protect from extra moisture, spray both the top and ponytail with such a liberal amount of hairspray.

2.      Curly Chignon:

  • Use one spray of frizzy hair priming on fresh, wet hair. Allow a free list and use a fan to finish.
  • Brush your hair where you’d like, then join at the back of the neck. Make a rough, unruly low bun of your hair by bending and curling it.
  • Using four to six hair gels, fix the bun. Do not even overcook it and be concerned if some few bits or curls emerge; the goal is to keep it flexible and natural-looking.
  • To define your face, push certain parts out front.
  • To keep the chignon in position, spray it with texture hairspray.

3.      Long, Loose Curls:

brown curly hair
  • To add strength and volume to your hair, spray clean, curly hair with a sea salt spray, and dry it out in an ionic hairdryer. It’s not essential to have the stick straight; whatever matters would be that the base is smooth.
  • Half of your hair must be pin-up, and the other half should be divided into minor parts.
  • Wrap every section of the hair around with a curling wand made for curls a few at a time, keeping it away from the face and over your hair so that the curls fall from the base.
  •  Curl the top section of hair in the same way, and don’t go all of the ways to a base. Start directly just above your ears instead.
  • Allow five minutes for curls to dry; after that, sprinkle your hair with salt spray and brush your hands through it to split it up.

4.      Perfectly Plopped Ringlets:

  • When you’re in the shower, untangle the hair with such a broad brush by using a conditioner. Shampoo your hair, so do not wash or towel-dry it.
  • Apply a proper quantity of curling spray for hairstyles to your hands (at most two to three pumps, based on how much hair you have) to split equally throughout your hair.
  •  Put a cotton t-shirt next to you and turn your head forward because your hair is wholly in the center of the cloth.

5.      The Messy Half Up:

  • Apply a lot of blending spray and volumizing foam to your fresh, clean, and dried hair.
  • Make a high half ponytail with most of your hair from ear to ear.
  •  To hide the hairband, pull a thin section of hair off your half pony and tie it around the base of your ponytail.
  • With bobby pins, tie the twisted-over hair under the ponytail.
  • To give volume and texture, twist this with your hands to finish the look.


Is it essential to layer curly, frizzy hair?

Layers are required for curly hair to move. Therefore, it’s better to cut vertical layers firstly and then go further inside and trim individual curls to split it up to give it some movement. This process splits up the layering, producing hair that is clear of strong or rigid lines.

Is it better to have curly hair longer or shorter?

If curly hair is growing longer, it always behaves better. As longer hair pulls down the curls, the pouf is decreased. Curly hair may look beautiful and shorter when you get the right cut. You have other choices if you want your hair to be straight.

When it comes to curly hair, how often should it be cut?

Curls must be cut every 6-8 weeks on average. When curls start to twist easily, it’s time for a trim. For only color-treated curls: harm decreases Most color firms now create a large color that helps to protect the keratin, give shine, and improve curl. 


Hopefully, these simple styles have encouraged you to try styling your curly hair. You shouldn’t need to spend hours styling to have a fun and new style that is simple and easy to maintain.