11 Pretty, Simple and Cute Nail Designs and Ideas

Pretty, cute nail design and ideas

These days, fashion is also not just about clothes. Nowadays, fantastic nail art is the most popular trend. Tired of the old single-colour nail color design? Different and stylish nail art is an excellent way of ending the boredom of the single-color nail polish trend. Unfortunately, with our hectic schedules, we never get time to visit nail salons. This article’s super easy, simple nail designs may help you create cute nail designs at home. 

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Pretty nail designs

Modern nail art has become the best fashion style and makes your cute nails authentic art pieces. Moreover, it’s not complicated! You shouldn’t require to pay money for such high-end products and tools. All you need is some creativity and some guidance from the beautified design’s expertise. Are you creative and designing your unique look? Following are the beginner-friendly nail design ideas that help you to create a fantastic nail look. 

Simple, Easy and Cute Nail Ideas:

We’ve created a list of pretty nail designs ideas to follow the latest trend, whether your skillset or creativity. 

1. Black and White Pattern Design Nail Art:

Black and white nail design

This elegant nail art is effortless to create and is also an excellent summer nail trend.

  • Color your nails with a simple base coat.
  • Then make a lovely design with a pointed marker. 

2. 4th of July Nail Design Pattern:

This easy-to-do holiday nail design idea is ideal for the Fourth of July.

  • Paint a coat of white nail polish to your four fingers and a layer of blue nail polish to your thumb.
  • Cut the strips of tape after coloring them red.
  • Glue two tick strips on every nail after this step.
  • Paint a small star inside the center of a thumbnail using white nail polish.
  • Then, use a transparent coat of nail polish to complete it off. 

3. Stripes and Zigzags Nail Design: 

These lovely nail design ideas may appear challenging, but trust us before we tell it it’s a lot easier than it looks! All you’ll need is a pair of curved scissors and also some black and white nail paint.

zigzag nail art
  • Cut the zigzag or jagged design on scotch tape using shearing scissors.
  • Let your nails dry after adding a shade of green.
  • Stick the tape upon on nails and apply the second color to finalize.

4. Blue Diagonals Nail Design:

These simple nail designs look like one of our favorites due to its simplicity and ease of applying.

  • Tape your nail horizontally, and color this in the color of your choice.
  • Remove the lid once the lip gloss has dry.
  • Apply a transparent coat on top to complete the look.

5. Simple Nail Designs with Chevron Pattern:

Chevron Pattern nail design

Don’t presume to think this look is tough to create. On the contrary, it’s pretty simple if you do have time and passion.

  • Apply reddish nail paint to each of your toes and fingers.
  • Create a chevron pattern upon these nails using sticky tape.
  • Then, put a vibrant blue polish and then let it set.
  • So when nails are dry, create a triangle using two parts of scotch tape at the base.
  • Use white nail paint to finish the look.
  • Paint a top coat after detaching the sticky tape.

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6. Cute Nail Design With Cloud Pattern:

This cute nail design looks challenging to create, but it’s straightforward. All you should do is follow simple nail designs ideas!

  • Continue by applying the first layer of clouds horizontally on your nails using a light mint green polish.
  • Start with the white nail polish for your next shade, then continue with red to finish the look.

7. Black Diagonals Nail Pattern:

This look is for those who like a simple but creative nail design, and it’s super easy.

  • Set a little scotch tape horizontally on the nail.
  • Apply a black color to a canvas. Let the scotch tape dry until removing it.

8. Pretty Nail Designs with Floral Pattern:

This sunny cute nail design is ideal for brunches as well as picnics so that it will attract everybody’s attention.

  • Continue with applying a base coat and afterward creating little red circles with such a pin.
  • To finish the pattern, gently paint a little green color upon corners of red circles for flowers.
cute nail design with floral pattern

For a long time look, apply gel nail polish to create this pattern. Enjoy these cute nails for up to three weeks using a Uv light to ensure every nail is completely dry.

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9. Simple Dots Nail Design:

Simple dots nail design

To make a Dot pattern on your nails will not be a difficult task.

  • Just drop the square point of a bobby pin into nail paint to make a dot pattern on nails.
  • Then start to create the dots onto your nail. 

10. Elegant Stone Nail Design: 

Stone nail art

To make this precious stone nail design, a crumpled-up piece of plastic helps and following steps to make your nails look like precious stones.

  • Before painting, apply a base coat on nails.
  • Then paint the crumbled plastic with a shiny color.
  • Then, attach it to a nail to make the cute nail design.

11. Paint Splatter Cute Nail Design:

To create a splatter design, don’t try to find any tool; take one straw. It’s helpful to paint a splatter pattern.

  • The first step is to cover your nail with the first coat.
  • To create a Splatter nail design, first, you have to cover the outer part. To cover an outer part using scotch tape when nails dry to put hands from getting wet. 
  • To splatter paint color on nails, dip a straw into nail polish and bow from the opposite end. 

FAQ for Nail Design and Ideas

  1. When it goes to gel nails, how often will they last?

Your gel cute nail design should last for two to three weeks. If you want the gel nails to last longer, leave your nails under the UV lamp for another round after complete drying. 

  1. What’s the best way to remove gel nail design?

If you have mixed materials, one of the quickest ways to remove gel nails will be to brush away the top layer as possible as removing the jewels or stones that have apply. 

  1. How can I get my simple nail designs to dry quickly?

After painting your pretty nail designs, leave them dry for approximately 60 seconds before drying them in cold water for over five minutes. To increase the speed of the dry, use this cool option on your blow dryer.


It is not too hard to create and design your nails. So try your hand at all these simple nail designs at home. I hope this article helps create a beautiful design. You can now use these pretty, simple nail designs with a variety of outfits and everyday wear.